Saturday, June 12, 2021

Ten Things of Thankful

Ten  things plus one of my thankfuls being linked to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Dyanne of Backsie Is What There Is Not.

1. Learning that two granddaughters who had an important event of their lives (high school graduation and 16th birthday) on the same day each desired that the focus be on her sister that day

2. For the first time in over a year there are no work related COVID-19 cases at our local hospital and a major city in the state north of us has 70% of their population fully vaccinated for COVD-19.

3. Widow makers in the oaks finally were removed.

Oak trees minus the widow makers

4. A huge pile of oak chips was left for us to use as mulch later.

Oak chips waiting to be used as mulch

5. Rain, not just light drizzle, moistened our area. Drought is forecast for 3/4 of our state this summer with dryer than normal weather in our area, so rain is welcome.

6. Reading old newspaper articles gave me new insight as to what it might have been like to be a young mother during the time of the polio epidemic as well as the concern she might have had regarding her child possibly drowning in an irrigation ditch during that same time period.

7. The importance of being able to find commonality with others and learning more about their struggles and history to help understand why they may have different viewpoints than your own

8. The robot vacuum still works even though I must have stripped the threads where the tiny little screws attach the side brushes I was trying to replace.

9. My husband’s problem solving skills when I couldn’t figure out how to get the new brushes positioned correctly made me wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Finally, he said, “Where are the old ones?”  After I retrieved them from the trash, he saw the tiny, but necessary little metal parts still attached to the old brushes.

10. The energy and cuteness of recently born fawns makes me smile. This mama must be waiting for her baby to wake up. We saw her a day or two earlier with a very little fawn, probably just a couple of days old. We suspect it was sleeping safely sheltered behind or under some foliage the morning this photo was taken.

Doe chewing her cud

11. Vic and our family and friends

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  1. Very nice list of thankful things.
    Loved the pictures.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Phyllis. Wished I could have shared a photo of the fawn, but the day we saw him, he was enjoying is legs and bounding out of sight very quickly. He will keep his mom lean just trying to keep up with him and trying to keep him safe.

  2. Old newspaper stories fascinate me!

  3. Your granddaughters sound very sweet. They must be close to want only for the other.
    Widow makers?! Not familiar with the term but if you received a huge pile of oak chips, I'm guessing some major dead limbs.
    I do enjoy your pictures, Pat. What a beautiful setting to live and what a plus to witness such things as a mother dear waiting on her fawn.
    #7. Agree with the importance of it, in the effort.

    1. A widow maker is just a limb that has broken completely off but is still lodged in some way by other branches just waiting for the wind to disturb it and cause it to fall suddenly thus possibly killing the person standing below. Other widow makers are limbs that are not completely broken, but with the weight of the branch and any disturbance will eventually fall suddenly.
      We do enjoy living in this area.

  4. Tree work is always 'fun' in the sense of altering the world. (To the betterment of those walking under certain trees).

    Numbers: 6 & 7 are surely related if only to the extent that modern technology (aka internet) allows us access to view of the past and insights into the reality of others.

    Have a great week.

    1. Being able to feel safer walking under the trees is something we have been anticipating for months.
      There is no comparison to the difference in the time it took to research records in the past to what one is able to do now with the internet. Such a wonderful advancement.

  5. Glad the trees got taken care of and you got some bonus mulch out of it! Sweet granddaughters to want more for the other one. Our Covid cases are going up, unfortunately, because only 30% are vaccinated and the other 70% are lying about it and going about without masks. I'm happy folks around you have better sense and your numbers are so much better!