Saturday, October 3, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

It was an interesting and strange week to say the least, so let's just put that aside for now. Thank you Kristi of Thankful Me for providing this safe place to link up to each weekend. She is the host for the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop, so here I go.

1. For on/off buttons

2. That deer or other creatures didn’t walk across a small patch of fresh cement that was poured this week at our place

What a nice deer to not leave any hoof impressions

3. For noticing a private message from someone  who had not been my friend on FB and who mentioned what he thought was a family connection

He wanted me to call him. It was dated the latter part of 2019, but for some reason only popped up  in my messages this week. Just so you know, I am very careful about accepting friend invitations on FB, so I did my homework to see if he was really who he said he was and to see if I could find any connection, BEFORE calling him.

4. A shirttail relative (the someone mentioned above) discovered me because he just happened to buy a copy of the local newspaper the day my mom’s obituary was printed almost a year ago and after reading it thought she might be related to his mom’s side of the family.

5. The shirttail relative attended the same high school as I did but we didn’t know each other then, had interactions with my mom’s employers through his own line of work, and built a home just a mile from where  I grew up. My mother would have been so excited had she known there were relatives living so nearby all those years she was searching for information about the descendants of her great great grandparents.

6. Extra space in our garbage can so I could clean out a few things from one of the sheds

7. Being able to discern that the pretty leaves high up on a maple tree had a little help obtaining their fall colors

A long thin limb on the tree apparently broke during the recent windstorm and is hanging by a piece of its bark leaving it suspended high up and resting on an oak tree near it. All the leaves on the unbroken limbs are still green. Now that we are aware of the problem we can arrange to have the widow maker removed. We  walk through the area a couple of times a week and would like to continue doing so safely.

A broken limb hanging by a narrow strip of bark

Colorful maple tree leaves on broken branch 

8. Watching what turned out to be a better than expected 1974 western movie on Prime

Sometimes I double task while watching movies, but almost from the beginning this movie had my full attention. It was more like watching a play than a movie.  Although it was a Western, It had the feel  of a Greek tragedy, if you can imagine that.

9. For the Constitution of the United States and the Separation of Powers

10. Being able to watch my church’s General Conference this weekend is just what what I need to fill my spiritual cup.

11. For Vic and our family

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  1. If the deer (or other critters) had walked in the cement, you could have written the date underneath it. :-)
    That's so cool that you found a new relative so close to where you are!

    1. I was really surprised that nothing had walked across it.
      Yes, it was quite surprising to learn about the relative.

  2. so, I guess this means summer is not coming back anytime soon*
    good eye for the broken branch, maybe the next wind storm will take care of the tree work, though you are wise to avoid walking directly underneath
    the virtual world is pretty amazing, and still capable of producing surprises (which is not a bad thing)
    have an excellent week.

    * as in next week, as opposed to next year

    1. Vic seems to think the limb is pretty well lodged in place. I hope he is right, and if he isn't, that it falls when we aren't walking the area.
      Yes, the virtual world is full of surprises.

  3. Daughter gets so excited to find new relatives! She sometimes gets Facebook requests from strangers and always clears them with me. I'm grateful she trusts my judgement.

    1. I am glad your daughter discusses the requests with you first. It seems like you two have a great relationship.

  4. Fresh cement can be such an attraction, I’m amazed it went unmarked. A friend recently had hers covered in chicken footprints! 😊 How fun to carefully discover a new relative on the family tree. We’ve been filling our dumpster with junk, clutter and camper remodel scraps. That’s a beautiful tree branch, but glad you are taking it down! #9... yes, yes, YES!!

    1. We don't have any chickens, just a wild turkey or two on occasion. Fortunately they haven't been around lately.
      There are days when I wish we did have a big dumpster here, but for now tackling a little at a time works better for me.