Friday, October 23, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

Well another week has flown by and it is nice to still be able to discover things for which to feel thankful. I'm sharing these with you and linking them to the blog hop, Ten Things of Thankful, hosted by Kristi of Thankful Me who is carrying on the hosting efforts of the others before her. 

1. Animals which aerate the soil

An earthworm moved closer to the surface by a gopher

Aerated rocky soil thanks to resident gopher(s)

Worms, gophers, and moles help aerate even the hard red clay soil in our area, and it is also a reminder that there is more than one way to look at a situation, aargh problem. Worms are always welcome, but not so much the gophers.

2. A  lesson learned from experience

A maple tree that took root years ago is too close to a building.

With a little bit of help the rest of the tree should give up the ghost.

Do not let a tree seedling take root by a building. That seems pretty obvious, but there are times in one’s life when other things are given higher priorities, but alas, eventually some things can no longer be ignored.

3. For a crossword puzzle I was working this week that helped me learn that what I learned verbally but apparently never saw in print was incorrect

The note following fa in Do-Re-Mi is sol not so!

4. A couple and two of their sons blew the fallen leaves off the lane and did some pruning in our yard for us one early evening this week.

5. I am thankful  for the abundance of online recipes that are so quick to find, even though I am quite sure any number of cookbooks I have would have similar recipes.

Last week I posted about the crabs neighbors had shared with us and how I had frozen part of the crab meat. This week I made open-faced crab melt sandwiches for lunch one day and crab cakes for breakfast another day. Yummy and quick!

6. Playing a grownup's version of a matching and sorting game

Sometimes cleaning out a shed is kind of like that. HaHa

7. Dinner for two delivered to us, just because, by another caring young couple this week

8. Visual and auditory stimulation by talented Matthew Buckley

9. Being able to verify that our ballots were received and that we will be notified when they have been counted

10. Being able to see some improvement in Vic’s mobility and that there is now an appointment scheduled next month to see if cortisone shots might help

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  1. At first I thought your matching game was folding socks! Now that I realize you are calling cleaning out the shed "a game," I find myself with "A Spoonful of Sugar" running through my mind. LOL.

    Hope the cortisone shot works well for Dad.

    1. Oh, just let me tell you, folding socks would be soooo much easier! The matching game I am playing now has caused me to use google, ask your Dad questions, etc. Granted I didn't have little kids who were wearing the same size of socks, so I had it a little easier in that regard.
      We are hoping for cortisone shots that make it all better.

  2. Yes, letting a tree go can cause worse problems, but sometimes everything is pressing, isn't it. Glad you have it under control now.

    Praying the cortisone works.

    1. Thanks, Mimi. Getting things under control is a good thing.

  3. Number 10 surely would be the TOL*
    Don't have gophers out here, the soil (in our area is mostly sand and gravel (with a good mix of boulders and ledge, courtesy of the last Ice Age)
    Enjoy online jigsaw puzzles (which let you upload your own photos whereupon they turn them into jigsaw pieces and dump them on the 'table')

    *Top of List

    1. I haven't tried online jigsaw puzzles, but that would physically much more enjoyable for me than leaning over a table trying to find the right piece.
      I can see how a gopher could get totally frustrated making a tunnel through sand and gravel!

  4. Here's to Vic's continued improvement! When I entered his name it autocorrected as "God." I'd say that is a good sign. That line rider was delightful!

    1. Lisa, that is funny about the autocorrect. Maybe a sign that God is in charge.
      Glad that you enjoyed the line rider. I need to go back and find others done by the same person.

  5. There's a positive spin on having gophers! My husband used to battle them when we lived in Southern California.
    Like Kristi, I was thinking of matching socks, too! Only two of us in the house, and we still have a bone pile of socks with no mates!

    1. Maybe now is the time to turn the socks with no mates into puppets. HaHa