Sunday, October 18, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

 It is Sunday, and although the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop opened up on Friday, the blog link stays open until Tuesday, so there is still time for any of you wanting to post your "thankfuls." Thank you Kristi of Thankful Me for being our host and for all the co-hosts.

Criterion Apple Tree

1. Two different neighbors and their care and thoughtfulness

Neighbors #1 came to our aid by lending us a pair of crutches when it became apparent they were needed this week for Vic to be able to maintain stability when walking until he finds out what procedure will be deemed best for him.

Neighbors #2 shared some of their crab catch with us

Crabs in a bowl ready for picking

Vic helped me pick out the crab meat. I froze some of it to use  in a seafood chowder I will make this coming week. I made a Crab Louie for supper Saturday night with the rest of it. It brought back memories of our honeymoon when we bought a crab and fixed our first home-cooked meal together.

2. Getting our flu shots and having no side affects

3. Being able to look at photos of our children taken when they were young and being reminded of the occasions pictured (I am glad we are still able to celebrate your birthdays Kristi!)

Our first born exploring the yard on her first

The home of my paternal grandparents burned to the ground after my father was grown. I remember my grandmother telling me how all the family photos had burned in the fire and how afterwards some relatives sent them a few photos of my dad as a baby and of my grandparents when they were young adults. I am thankful too that I have my eyesight to see the photos and that when cataracts on my eyes were detected a number of years ago, cataract surgery was a possibility.

4. The service of a handyman this past week has made it easier for us to be able to do one of our bi-yearly tasks.

5. Our ballots arrived safely in the mail, as they have in our state for years, and are now completed and ready to deliver to one of the drop boxes on Monday.

6. Friends and family who recommend books and movies they have enjoyed, or products or services that they have found helpful

7. Documentaries and the skilled photographers and historians who give us their viewpoints of the past and of the present

8. Traditions 

Although I do not come close to doing the amount of baking I once did, I still have the collection of cookbooks and recipes I clipped and used for many years. One of our teenage grandsons likes to cook and has a sourdough starter.  It made me happy to share a recipe  one of his great grandmothers used to make a sourdough chocolate cake that was loved by all in the area where she lived.

9. A day of rest

For me, the Sabbath Day is a day of rest from weekday labors, as much as possible, and instead turning my heart and mind to His teachings and pondering the ways I can emulate His teachings better not only on the Sabbath day but throughout the week.

I remember my mother sharing the story with me of why my father decided to change his ways regarding what he did on the Sabbath day. My father did not attend church most of my life and for him Sunday was pretty much no different than any other day. My mother once told me of a conversation she had with my dad later in his life when he told her he had decided not to try working around their home and property anymore on Sundays because something invariably seemed to go wrong when he did. It didn't change his few of attending church, but it did change his Sunday habits.

10. The beautiful fall day this week that made it a little easier to visit the cemetery where my mom was interred beside my dad almost a year ago

There was a small graveside service in progress in the cemetery when I was there, and I was glad that the weather was so beautiful for them too.


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  1. I don't think I knew that that photo was taken on my birthday. If that dress came in my size now, I'd wear it! :-)

    1. The film was developed the middle of the following month, which makes sense for that time period (meaning we would have either waited until pay day and/or until all the photos on the roll had been taken) and I had written your age as 12 months. I'm pretty sure it was your birthday. Most other days you would have been dressed in play clothes while being outside. I liked that little dress too.

  2. Old photos! Surely the closest thing to a time machine most of us* will get. Sometimes they (the photos) will be like a song heard, triggering emotions alone with facts.)

    *lol well, most of us

    1. I agree. They are very much like a time machine triggering emotions. It is almost a given.

  3. Love the response to getting pictures after the fire. Something to always cherish.

    1. Many a home burned to the ground in those days, especially when they were miles from the nearest town that possibly would have any way of responding to the fires. All the more reason for sharing photos with family members should one's home be destroyed.