Saturday, September 26, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

Autumn has arrived! How has that happened so quickly, or was it so slowly, or both? The year has been so unlike any other I have experienced, but the one thing I know is that it is still possible to find both big and little things that make me feel thankful. I am linking up to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop currently hosted by Kristi of Thankful Me.

1. National Daughters Day

2. File folders

Some of our file folders were looking way overdue for being replaced, so that became one of my "during the pandemic" projects this week. This was not the most exciting project, but at least now I won't have to lift up the tabs to see the writing on the tabs. 

3. Hair cutting shears

I did it! Because of trying to limit my contacts with others as much as possible during the pandemic, I haven't gone to the beauty parlor for any haircuts since February. This week I handed the shears to my husband and asked him just to trim a little off the ends. 

4. The answering machine that allows us the ability to avoid being victims to scam calls like the one this morning that supposedly was about an Amazon purchase the scammer was calling to verify. We knew we did not order such item.

If someone wants to talk to us, they can leave a message, and we will call them back if it is someone we know. If the call seems a little suspicious, we don't return it and just delete the message.

5. Customer service chat

6. Little branches, instead of large ones, that fell on the lane during a rather windy night this week

They were much easier to move to the side of the lane.

7. What I like to think was the sound of a happy frog croaking in the middle of a rainy day letting me know that it was not just me feeling happy that we have finally gotten a few days rain

8. Crossword puzzle book

After working my way through a Sudoku book until I reached the hard ones, I was excited that I could actually work some of the hard ones, but decided to let my husband have the rest. He really is more skilled doing the hard ones than I am. The crossword puzzle book seems a little less challenging.

9. Looking at my mother’s hairstyle in a photo of her when she was a little  girl and recognizing how much my hair has become a duplicate of hers during this COVID pandemic while my hair is on a mission to take over of my head with curls going every which way

Mom and her dark curly hair

10. Earlier this week remembering our wedding day 57 years ago and both of us laughing that neither of us had realized we got married on the first day of fall

Maybe we were just twitterpated!

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  1. I hope you took before and after photos of your haircut. :-)
    I missed getting on the national daughter's day bandwagon, but I'm thankful for my daughters, too.
    Happy anniversary!

    1. Sorry, I didn't take a photo of either one. I just had him cut off the long straggly curly fringes all around neckline and sides. Since my hair is so thick, for years I have had it not only cut, but thinned. That is fine, except when it is growing out and the many areas where it has been thinned begin to go every which way as the longer hair starts forming ringlets. When I was young, my hair was wavy, but I didn't have ringlets. Not so now. I am working on adjusting my look during the pandemic. HaHa
      I would have missed the daughter's day too, if I hadn't seen mention of it by others on FB.

  2. What a blessing an answerings machine/voicemail can be. Much easier when you don't know who is calling to let the machine answer.

    Love the old photo of your mother and her hair. It's always been a wonder to me, those with curly hair cannot stand it, those with straight hair get perms so as to be able to get some curl and body to their hair.

    Daughters are such wonderful people, aren't they!

    1. I think having curly hair is only problematic if one wants to be able have the latest "in" hairstyle. My mom gave me a permanent toward the end of sixth grade, I think because a lot of moms were starting to give their daughters home perms. It was a disaster! Giving someone a perm when their hair has some curl already is way overkill, at least 60-70 years ago. She felt bad, as did I. It took months for it to grow out long enough for me to get the perm cut off. HaHa

      There are so many blessings and lessons we learn from the relationships within a family unit, or for that matter within the entire human family. I am thankful for them all.

  3. Happy Anniversary
    I'm actually a fan of file folders for filing... lol... (always a question: write on the tab or is such a level of commitment)
    We have our answering machine set on 'play message' so we do not have to waste time talking to bad people.
    We're in the falling branch time of year out here as well. Fortunately most of the trees that could fall on the driveway have long since fallen, so now its a matter of the paths through the woods and such
    have a great week.

    1. I just go ahead and write on the tab. In actuality, sometimes the file holds an item or two only because it is sort on topic but doesn't warrant a file all to itself, if that makes any sense.
      Right! Who wants to talk to bad people.
      Nice that you don't have to worry about any trees falling on the driveway now.

  4. It's funny how hairstyles in photos pretty much tell us when it was taken approximately or if a a person is stuck in a certain time. :)
    I love the daughters group photo.

    1. Sometimes having a knowledge of what hairstyles were in style during what years can be helpful in approximately identifying a person's age, especially if all one has is a single head shot and you can't see the clothes they were wearing, which is another helpful clue.
      I like that photo of us too.

  5. I broke down and cut my hair. Used to do mine most of the time. Daughter and sweetie get haircuts from me. Not sure when that will change.

    1. Did you cut your own hair this time, or have it done? I too used to cut my own hair, but have not been able to do that in recent years.