Friday, September 4, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

This is where my mind settled when looking back on the week, so I am going to share my ten things of thankful plus one and link up to the blog hop of the same name. Kristi of Thankful Me is the host of Ten Things of Thankful

1. Bouquet of lilies

When I picked up my produce box this week, there was a pretty bouquet of lilies in the box. I found out later that it was a thank you for being such a consistent purchaser of the weekly produce boxes.


2. Shed with a facelift

Thanks to the services of a handyman, our shed received a little bit of a facelift this week. The doors and frame are now in much better condition.

Shed facelift

3. Lightweight hoses

With the high temperatures we had here this week, the plants were in dire need of some water. I am forever indebted to whoever invented lightweight hoses.


4. Fuchsia blossoms

Our fuchsias have  pretty much been deer fodder these past several years, so I was  so surprised when I saw these little blossoms this week when I was doing a little weeding.

Fuchsia blossoms hiding
 from deer

5. Reading sweet letters and notes that my mom had saved from family

6. Humorous household mysteries

Today when I was reaching into a bag of chips I accidentally dropped one on the floor. My husband and I both heard it drop, but neither one of us could find it anywhere! Where did the chip go? With a flip of the chip it disappeared. I joked that it must be with the potholder that disappeared several years ago never to be seen again.

7. Eyes to see tiny telltale signs

When I was putting some items into the back of the car today, I saw some familiar telltale signs and knew I needed to do a little inspection. Sure enough, sometime this past month a mouse attempted to make a nest in the area where the spare tire is kept, but it didn't appear the nest ever made it to completion.



8. Journalists who adhere to the Code of Ethics of professional journalists

9. Neighbors with whom to share the jalapeños that were in the produce box this week

Neither my husband nor myself are able to eat jalapeños and I didn't want to just throw them away, so I was glad to learn our neighbors love them.

10. Discovery

After coming across a birth certificate this week in a box while going through old papers, I noticed  something a little unusual. After doing a little research I learned that back in 1928 some hospitals began adding footprints of babies on the birth certificate and also adding the mother’s thumbprint and/or in some cases the print of the mother's little finger. (The prints below are for people now deceased.)

Baby footprints and mother

11. Vic and his interest in writing more of story of his life

I love continuing to learn more about the early years of his life.

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  1. The shed looks really nice.
    What a sweet surprise to find flowers in your produce box!
    Cute little baby feet!
    I love Dad's stories, too.

    1. Thank you.
      I had seen prints of baby feet on certificates before, but not the mother's thumb prints too.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Pat! How lovely to find a lilies in your box, little surprises like that brighten a day so much! The new trim on the shed looks great! Your household mystery of the disappearing chip and potholder reminded me of a house I lived in where spoons disappeared regularly from the drawer, never to be found. I always expected to find a cache of them someday, but never did. Journalists who adhere to the code of ethics, wouldn’t that be nice for a change!! Have a blessed week ahead! 💜

    1. Thanks. I am glad we are not the only ones who experience the disappearance of things on occasion.

  4. excellent looking shed. (noticed the sky blue sky behind it in the photo. I say, 'very nice' because, while we love living in a pine wood, the sky is rarely in the picture and, certainly not just above the horizon in the background)

    1. I am late in responding to your post. I am looking forward to seeing that blue sky again. It will be a welcome sight.

  5. I'm still perplexed how I lost the works of my power key for the car. Then it was found connected to the casing. And both parts could not have disconnected because a ring connects them and was in place. Ghosts?

    1. That sounds like a real mystery, Lisa. Now the question is, do you have a haunted house, or a haunted car. LOL