Saturday, December 28, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

It is time for my final Ten Things of Thankful post for the year. What a year it has been! Thanks to Kristi of Thankful Me who is the host of this blog hop, there have been weekly invitations and an open link to any and all who wish to acknowledge their weekly gratitude. Clark, Dyanne, Lisa and myself are co-hosts. If you have been considering joining us in the adventure, January 2020 is a great time to begin. Click here for the details.

1. Food that is prepared just like (fill in the name) used to make it, because even if that person can’t be with you, eating the same food somehow makes you feel closer to them

2. Sunshine appearing sooner in the mornings now that we are on the other side of the shortest day of the year

3. Choir because of the way many voices become one voice

4. Discovering that I can scan documents with my iPad, thanks to a comment made in card I received this week

5. Recognizing that sometimes one has to enter a period of darkness to be able to see the light (can be taken figuratively or literally)

The lights of this Christmas display brightens the
darkness surrounding it

6. Receiving a text from a friend saying “I have something for you.” The next day she dropped off a cute little bowl cozy she made for me, and thanks to YouTube I now know how to make one.

A reversible bowl cozy (green print on one
side and yellow print on the other) holding
a custard dish

7. Diffusers to help bring the smell of Christmas into the room without needing to bake more cookies, of course unless you want to

8. Knowing that your family is safe (Read Dyanne's post.)

9. Fog that lifts or hasn't settled by the time you need to drive somewhere

10. The value of communication (conversing and listening) in strengthening family relationships

11. Vic, my other half 

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  1. So many beautiful thankfuls. My cousin crocheted these little hats for pans lid knobs. I love them.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. Hats for lid knobs sound cute.

  2. Which food did you make? There are so many choices! Grandma always went all out for holiday meals. :-)

    1. I loved the homemade clam dip she used to make, so I made that. Very quick and very easy. I don't know that I made it much when you were growing up, probably because by the time I was married, the end product was available in stores. The clam dip is good with potato chips and with veggies.

  3. #1 is spot on! And foods YOU make will be the ones future generations crave, and on it goes!
    #5 very much so!
    #8 and it helps knowing certain family members remember to take the caramel popcorn to safety as well!

    1. #1 Well some of them will make it a generation or two, but the desserts and salads that contained gelatin that the generation before me and my generation made have mostly been dropped. Even I rarely make anything with gelatin in it now.
      #8 Chowing down on caramel corn would certainly help take one's mind off the impending storm above ground and provide some degree of comfort for the giver to know she had given a type of comfort for her loved one :-)

    2. My brother makes the orange jello, shredded carrots and pineapple salad every thanksgiving. I think he and I are the only ones who eat it!

  4. I agree. Food can be a link to a time or person passed and surely has the ability to provide emotional comfort along with the physical.
    #5 -without doubt.
    Clear, concise, without doubt as to what is trying to be communicated, communication, is vital to all relationships.
    Wonderful list, all :)

    1. Thanks, Denise. Wishing you a happy New Year!

  5. Totally agree on all grats*
    But who cannot identify with the gratitude elicited by Number 2?
    Really is the thing that makes the winter a bit more bearable.
    Have a good new year's

    *ok, professional appreciation of the bowl cozies, not necessarily my next project in the new

    1. What?! You are not going to make a cozy! HaHa