Saturday, December 21, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful - Christmas

As the days of preparation leading up to Christmas day are winding down for some, others are already thinking ahead to the new year and anticipating the things they hope to accomplish, or the changes they want to make in themselves in the hopes of becoming a better version of themselves. Wherever you are in your path of becoming, I hope that you are able to look back and within and recognize the source of the goodness that is within you and how you can use that goodness to help others. This is a reminder to myself as well.

Here are my Ten Things of Thankful for this week. (This post is linked to the blog hop, Ten Things of Thankful, hosted by Kristi of Thankful Me. Kristi's co-hosts, Clark, Dyanne, Lisa and myself are there to help in whatever ways we are able.)

1. This week I enjoyed spending some time in my kitchen making Christmas cookies that I hadn't made before and of course making some treats that I've made previous holidays. One of the cookies I made includes cardamon. This is the second batch of cookies I have made this season that includes this spice. I am thankful for its flavor.

2. Being able to listen to Christmas music while I bake makes the task all the more enjoyable.

3. I am thankful for a home that gives me safe shelter. I know that there are many who do not have a place that provides a place to reside that feels safe. I am especially thankful for my husband who helps me feel safe.

4. Warmth (physical, emotional, or spiritual such as is mentioned in Jeremiah 20:9 . . .But his word was in mine heart as a aburning fire shut up in my bones,)

5. Family connections, my own, as well the connection I was able to make this week when I explored a little store run by one of the senior centers and found Joseph, the "exact" missing Joseph to one of my nativities. Now one of the wise men who had been filling in for Joseph has returned to his proper position. It has been many years of looking to discover the exact Joseph who was missing from the used nativity I'd purchased.

Joseph and Mary with the baby
Jesus in the stable with
an angel in the background

6. One of the blessings that stands out more resoundingly as I age is that of being able to be mobile, as I have seen first hand how having to depend on others to get around is often a hard adjustment for many to make.

7. People who reach out, show concern, and provide assistance, not just at Christmas but year round make life more bearable.

8. For experiences in my life (intentional and unintentional) which prepared me for future experiences and helped me along this road of life

9. For knowing the value of taking first steps

10. Making goals and assessments using the dimensions of wellness wheel to help you see where your life may have gotten a little out of balance. If you are like me, it is easy to do more of what we like to do, or what is easiest, etc. If you liken the dimensions to a wheel, you may see areas that need to be pumped up a little to make the wheel round again. 

I saw this small decorated artificial tree at a
wedding reception tonight and thought 
it was so pretty.

Wishing you all joy this week!

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  1. Happy to see that Joseph has returned! I was thinking about the analogy of how there are mothers who don't have their Josephs present this year and vice versa where it may be Mary missing. My niece is separated from her Joseph as he is serving in the Air Force and deployed. Thankful for the beauty of video calling they can see each other almost daily. This helps a lot as the littlest is 18 months and loves his DaDa and the girls, in grade school, love also getting to see daddy. He's quite the father to these children and I pray his stint will be shorter than anticipated and for all the families separated this holiday. God Bless You all and have a most Merry Christmas.

    1. Good analogy. Our son's family has experienced military separations also. It is hard on families. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas.

  2. You found a replacement Joseph?! Wow!

    1. I know! I could hardly believe my eyes, especially since I'd so recently mentioned this again to you.

  3. That's a powerful post! Thanks for the inspiration and insights. I have appreciated your link to the dimensions of wellness because I think I need to address some issues. How amazing that you recovered Joseph! What are the odds? I also appreciate a safe home and mobility. This is a good time to bless others, as always. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas to you!

    1. Thank you. I was so amazed at being able to find Joseph!
      It is so worth it to reassess ever so often the direction we are going in our lives. It is easier to get back on track via little steps than having to course correct through huge oscillations.
      Merry Christmas wishes to you too.

  4. Totally Number 6! Mobility is surely a key quality of life, to enjoy and to maintain. While not essential, it seems (imo) that decreased mobility brings with it a heightened vulnerability to some of the less positive aspects of age.
    Have a good Christmas

    1. Losing ones mobility certainly does cause one to question how safe it is to venture out and about like one once did, and yet giving up trying isn't the answer either. HaHa Just learning new ways of doing things and allowing others to help when needed is most likely the answer. Note: This is a msg to self. :-)