Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Six Sentence Stories - Circuit

At times what is penned is as much for the writer as it is for the reader. The thoughts may arise unexpectedly and seemingly cannot be held back until the words are tossed around and the finished product emerges. Such is this piece written in six sentences. If it were not for Denise of Girlie on the Edges Blog, these words may have remained jumbled within my mind and would not be linked to the blog hop hosted by Denise. Thank you Denise for Six Sentence Stories - Circuit. 

Her fingers searched for the spot where reassurance lay, where she could feel the beat.

The coursing within was barely noticeable now, but when she felt it, it was like a connecting circuit from one body to another.

Never knowing when the course would veer in a direction only attainable for the one seemingly tethered to the bed, but in reality only by her physical and mental inabilities, she knew the path would go upward while hers would for the time being remain earthbound.

Gently she rubbed the shoulders and neck of she who had given birth to her and had carried the weight life had given her. . .in hopes that somehow she could lighten the load she was carrying now.

She made herself breathe and remember. . .until the love she felt conveyed a one-sided nonverbal conversation which she knew was known by she who lay on the threshold of stepping away.

Love converged and lingered as the veil began to part.


  1. That is a powerful piece. Moving but peaceful.

  2. wow
    elegantly powerful tale of a one of the fundamental moments in life.
    truly words from the heart

  3. "as much for the writer as it is for the reader" truer words have never been spoken. Now to the six.....very powerful tale; you're makin' me think!!

  4. Tears sting my eyes. Written as heart and soul so translated, a moment so momentous.
    Thank YOU, Pat.

    1. Tears sting my eyes too, but sometimes it is better to let them flow a little at a time rather than waiting for the dam to burst.

  5. You captured an amazing moment, very sad and profound.

  6. This. This touches the very heart and soul of the connection which we're blessed to understand.