Saturday, November 30, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

For me his has been a week of preparation, anticipation, reflection and remembering. How about you? I think the act of being thankful for what one already has is a wonderful way to begin the Christmas season which begins almost immediately after Thanksgiving day, or even hours after people step away from the feast in some cases.

Kristi of Thankful Me gives us an opportunity to consider what we are feeling grateful for during the past week, or just in general. She is the host for the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop to which I am linking my post. Clark, Dyanne, Lisa and myself are co-hosts. Having co-hosts makes it quick and easy for the readers to navigate to the other posts in the blog hop.

1. That I was alert to the speed of bumper-to-bumper traffic flow in front of me and didn’t hit the car labeled . . .county coroner

2. That when there wasn’t a roadside rest stop available after several hours of driving, that there was a service station nearby and that when finding out that we had managed to pull into the only service station I’d ever heard of that didn’t have a rest room, the manager was nice enough to tell us where nearest public restroom was, and it was only a block away (Whew!)

3. That I absolutely know who all my children are even when a young man I didn’t know waved at me and said “Hi, Mom!” (He was the driver of a vehicle at the above mentioned service station. When he noticed my surprised and confused look, he smiled and said “Your shirt!” I was wearing my shirt that said, “Navy Mom.”)

3. To see my teenage grandchildren helping prepare different parts of the Thanksgiving meal 

4. That our almost nine-hour drive (three hours longer than the usual travel time) was on a beautiful day and was one of safe travel for us

5. Seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they know the gift they have given is the perfect gift by the receiver’s expression

6. Receiving a delicious free apple pie for Thanksgiving

7. Being able to join with others in recognizing the advancement of a young man becoming an Eagle Scout

8. Being able to read from one of my Mom’s journals about a Thanksgiving she spent with our family (particularly poignant with this being the first Thanksgiving since she left this earth)

9. Joyful enthusiasm mutually expressed  between pets and their owners 

10. Receiving a card with a special handwritten message for no reason (meaning not for a birthday or a special holiday) and it meant so much to me

11. For Vic and our family and for the times we are able to gather whether in person or by other means

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  1. So many wonderful thankfuls! Whew on restrooms! Remembering the times of find a tree and keeping watch lol

  2. yow... (thats all, just 'yow!*)

    * the most succinct expression of appreciation for one relating holiday events that is, in and of itself, a story, if not a whole darn novel. I mean, seriously, there's no shortage of engaging stories of spending Thanksgiving with friends and family, but.... starting off with almost hitting a coroner's vehicle! You need to start outlining your notes today! lol

    1. Exactly. I told my husband, "Now there's one for the blog!"

  3. Glad you didn't hit the coroner!
    #5--You should have posted the photo! I'm assuming you are referring to the sweater--and you rocked it! :-)

    1. Oh, me too. I was a couple of car lengths behind, but the traffic slowed rapidly.

      Yep, it was the sweater. Your brother wanted me to model it for a photo before he headed home. I should have had him take one with my camera too. I think I'll wear it for a Christmas activity Saturday morningšŸ˜€.