Saturday, November 2, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted a Ten Things of Thankful post, but it is a new month and the month of Thanksgiving. I am linking this post to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Kristi of Thankful Me. I am thankful that there were other co-hosts to carry on during these past couple of weeks when I have been missing in action because of a funeral. Thanks, Clark, Dyanne, and Lisa

1. Rain isn’t forecast for the next seven days in our area and the maple trees are rapidly losing their leaves.
That is a plus since we hope to be able to get those leaves blown or raked from the shrub beds and the lane before they get soggy and slippery and encased in mud and gravel. The smaller leaves from the Japanese maple tree are not nearly the problem as the leaves from the big leaf maple trees.

Japanese Maple in full splendor
taken October 24, 2019

The same Japanese Maple taken
October 29, 2019

2. Having a copy machine made my life so much easier this week.
If you dislike having to fill out those patient forms that want you to list all your medications and and the associated details, keeping a copy of your most recent list is so helpful. Just make a copy of that list so it can be attached to the form you need to complete.

3. There is a pharmacy locally that does compounded preparations prescribed by doctors.

4. Doctors who are skilled communicators make it easy for patients to make decisions about their health and I am grateful to have met one this week.
A doctor who discusses the options and the advantages and disadvantages of each makes it easier for the patient to make the final decision. (Note: For those who may worry about me, this is nothing life threatening, just part of aging.)

5. It made me smile when I found some candy to purchase this week that was fat-free, gluten free, was made with natural flavors and was allergen free.
I knew that some children who might be attending the Trunk or Treat held in our church parking lot on Halloween were restricted as to which candies they could eat. This was the first time that I can remember that I did not buy any candy to keep at home, just in case we actually had some kids come trick or treating. (Most kids out here go into more populated areas to trick or treat, go to Halloween parties, or to trunk or treat gatherings.)

6. Our family members were able to return safely to their homes and to other family members who hadn’t been able to attend the funeral for my mother.

7. There is such an immense sense of appreciation I have for memories.
After my mother became a widow forty years ago, she decided to write a personal history and began writing about her daily life in a journal. Over the course of those years she completed many journals. Boxes filled with photos, letters, notes, copies of emails, etc. keep her alive in my mind and in my heart and will also keep me busy.

8. The sacrifices made by family members who were without their spouses or parent for the week prior to the funeral and had to deal with incurring challenges were thankfully made a little easier due to the help of others and the many means of communication.
Being able to have our children gather with us and help in so many ways to prepare for a funeral service in just one week from the date of my mother’s passing is a memory we will treasure forever.

9. I am thankful for the manner in which messages are conveyed.
During the past couple of weeks there have been messages of condolences conveyed in person or through cards and messages sent through phone calls, texts, social media, and emails. There have been many other tender moments when I received very personal messages while reading the scriptures when a particular passage spoke directly to me and conveyed greater understanding and peace. Often. .. quite often, a line in a song or a hymn has been very relevant for me at that very moment. Even certain memes shared on Facebook seemed to have been posted just for me although they were not tagged.

10. I am glad that twos are made of ones.
Vic is one and I am one. There are just the two of us living in this house and we take turns being “the one.” This is especially helpful when one can do what the other can’t. We take turns being “the one” in certain situations, but he is always “my one and only” in our marriage.

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  1. Aww such a beautiful thankful list. I'm glad it's just aging re the meds. Journals are such wonderful ways to store memories. My sister kept journals which I think her youngest has. I'd love to read them, but have not asked.

    1. Thank you, Lisa.
      Regarding journals: How to share, what to share, how much to share and with whom to share . . .that is the question. These are all kind of weighty questions.

      I think there is a book waiting to be written using some of the things my mom has shared in her journals, perhaps at the very least so her descendants can be reminded of who she was and how she persevered.

  2. I was glad we were all able to gather that week, too. Hope you're having your " 'Ah,' said Peter" moments now that things are a bit quieter. :-) Hang in there, Mom.

    1. Well, things are a bit quieter, but the funny thing is it isn't the same as the "Ah,' said Peter", moments that use to come after the departure of a houseful of active little children or grandchildren. This time the Ah moments came head to head with the reality of "now," but I am doing okay. . .even went to lunch with friends today.