Thursday, November 21, 2019

Six Sentence Stories - Tardy

Could it be that one of the bloggers joining in with this blog hop hosted by Denise of Girlie on the Edge's Blog might be a future Lewis Carroll? 

Stories written in only six sentences is a long cry from writing a book of over 100 pages, but who knows if a practice of writing simple stories of six sentences might lead to greater works. In fact, if you have read some of the six sentence stories shared by other writers who link up each week, you may have discovered that some of them are in the process of writing books and that sometimes a character from one of their works-in-progress will make an appearance in a six sentence story. Clark immediately comes to mind.

The cue this week brought to mind a famous oft quoted line from Carroll's book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I'm linking my post to Six Sentence Stories - Tardy, and I'm not late yet!

Gramps always told him stories about what he remembered his own grandpa telling him about the family and invariably reminded him to never defame the family name. 

It was becoming increasingly difficult for Gordon not to squirm upon hearing those words. “Don’t you ever get teased Gramps, you know. . .about our name?”

“Oh, it has mostly been in fun, and I just teased them right back, but it wasn’t so easy to combat the whole town that time when Granny thought we were going to be late to church. If I hadn’t thought she got kidnapped and got the police involved, it wouldn’t have been so bad. Boy, did the Tardy family make the headlines that day!”


  1. What a story! That is a name to live up to, proving you never are.

  2. LOL Great Six and excellent use of the prompt!
    No doubt there was much teasing of that family name no matter which generation, old or new :D

    1. Some names have almost gotten completed obliterated because of embarrassing events.

  3. Wow! That would be hard to live UP to.

    Great six.

  4. lol . fun Six
    (I was thinking about how rare the word is nowadays, in use in everyday conversation. And the thing about words no longer used, we don't always notice their absence. huh. makes ya think).
    Maybe thats part of what I got from your Six, not just the idea of stories being told and re-told down through time, but that without that process, maintaining a connection with the past, how would we know what has been lost to time?)

    1. There is so much truth about the importance of maintaining a connection with the past in order to know what is getting lost and giving some consideration as to whether that is a good thing or not.