Saturday, September 28, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

It is quite surprising to me sometimes the things that come to the surface when one starts writing. Yesterday, and even early this morning, I found myself wondering what I was going to list for this post to Ten Things of Thankful. I knew there were items worth mentioning, but there are times when those things seem to be in the midst of a big stirring pot of life not quite ready to bubble up to the top. Anyway, I am glad they did once I began to write. I am thankful for Kristi of Thankful Me who is our host and for the other co-hosts (Clark, Lisa, and Dyanne) who are important ingredients in this blog hop. Click here to go to the Ten Things of Thankful site where the rules are laid out for how to jump into this blog hop. 

1. I woke up this morning
It was just a dream, not a nightmare, that seemed to go on and on. I am told that some people can make themselves wake up when they are having a stressful dream, but I am not one of those people. When I woke up, I was so happy to be out of that dream, up and awake. Yeah for waking up! BTW, are you able to make yourself wake up when you are dreaming? 

2. Colors
In the northwest the foliage is displaying fall colors, and I am thankful for their beauty which seemed especially brilliant  underneath the canopy overhead. 

3. The sky
Today, the sky was putting on its own beautiful show with clouds billowing, curling, boiling, bumping into one another, and then merging and changing  quickly into masses of different shapes and colors all the way from pure white to the darkest of grays while still allowing shades of blue sky not to be completely obscured. It was a challenge to keep my eyes on the road ahead when I was driving. 

4. No lightning strike on our property today
Some parts of the state ended up falling victim to the end result of those troubled clouds. I am thankful they just passed by us this time.

5. Therapy dogs
As I was entering the nursing home today, I met a therapy dog and owner leaving. I am thankful for people who know how much of a difference therapy animals can make in the lives of people who cannot have or care for a pet. 

6. Those who reach out
Today I received a text from one of my mom’s former neighbors just to inquire about how my mom is doing. I appreciated her reaching out to me.

7. Luncheon/meeting
Recently when I had my yearly physical I was given a form to sign if I was interested in attending an advisory council meeting to discuss concerns, make suggestions, etc. about the clinic. I signed the paper. I received an invitation to attend one of the meetings this week. It was a productive meeting and I think a very good business move involving some of the patients in this way.

8. Going to the temple with a friend
It has been a very busy month with lots of things that have drained my energy. It was wonderful to be able to set a day aside to go the temple where I feel so at peace. My friend drove this time, and I always enjoy going to the temple with her. In addition we saw a couple who no longer live in our ward (the term used to define our congregation). It was so nice to visit with them.

9. Discovering a puzzle
Today as I was doing more decluttering I came across something in one of my kitchen drawers that I rarely open. Neither my husband or I have a clue as to what this item is. I sent a photo of it to one our daughters thinking she might know.  She didn’t know either. Even Google’s answer, after seeing the image, just came up with a tool and the response to another try was a circle. LOL I looked through 18 online pages of a well known store that sells lots of kitchen tools. It is still a puzzle. Any ideas from my blogging friends?

10. Movie date with my husband
Making time to spend special time with the person you love best is so important and I love those times together.

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  1. Yes, I can wake myself up from a dream, although I remember doing that more as a child than an adult.
    I hope you can figure out what that circle tool is. :-)

    1. I do wake myself up if I hear myself screaming or shouting. I rarely have dreams that evoke that kind of a response, thank goodness.
      The tool is still a mystery.

  2. Intermittently... sometimes I just let it play out, other times I do find myself able to get out.
    a meat tenderizer for the very methodical (and patient) cook?
    Fall is just beginning to show out here. I'm beginning to suspect that Summer might be over.

    1. LOL. I am just trying to visualize using the tool as a meat tenderizer. I am neither that methodical or that patient.
      Summer has headed south with no signs of doing a U-turn.

  3. I am disappointed when I wake too soon if a good dream. Bad dreams I wake up if I start talking or yelling. Circle thingy is odd to me. Could it be actually part of the drawer?

    1. The circle thingy is not part of the drawer, but I am beginning to wonder if it was part of something I got rid of years ago.

  4. I sometimes can wake myself up from a dream, but I can also sometimes go back into a lovely dream if I only barely wake up from it.
    I think your tool is some kind of do-it-yourself tyne test for TB (Google it and you'll see what I mean!).

    1. Perhaps I should have given some dimensions for the tool. It is about 4-1/2" across at the bottom, so. . .it would only work as the tyne test for TB on a giant. LOL
      I remember wanting to go back to sleep when I woke up from a dream that was kind of like a mystery. I really wanted to know how it was going to end, but I rarely wake up slowly.

  5. Hmm. I honestly don't know if I can wake myself from a dream on purpose or if it just happens.
    I often think we should be thankful for waking to a new day more often. Good one, Pat.
    Husband and I managed two kid-free dates in the last week. A rarity lately, so we were glad for the opportunity.
    That tool looks kind of like a drain insert, but the handle is on the wrong side for it to be that. The tines are definitely the weird part.

    1. Yes, the older I get the more I appreciate waking up each day. LOL
      WooHoo, two kid-free dates in one week! That must have been so much fun for you.
      Hopefully one of these days I will find out what that tool is and why we ever got one.🤪