Monday, September 23, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

Since I am a little later than usual linking up to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Kristi of Thankful Me I feel a need to get on the stick and get this posted. I suspect that some of the other co-hosts, Clark, Dyanne and Lisa beat me to the punch, but that is one of the advantages of having a host and several co-hosts.

1. 56th wedding anniversary
When my husband and I got married, it was a rainy day that afternoon when we took our vows, but as we left the reception at my parents' home afterwards, the heavens opened up. (I suspect that our parents would have appreciated receiving a call that we made it safely to our destination that night considering the curvy slick roads that we were traveling on as we made our way to the coast, but we were just so in love and happy to be married that we never gave it a thought to make that long distance call.) We have had our share of stormy rainy days recently in advance of our anniversary. It was interesting to see how the deer have faced these electrical storms accompanied by heavy rains. While some deer huddled together under tall fir trees (not the safest place to run to), others kept their distance as shown in the video clip below.

2. Just as some people seem to withstand the storms of life better than others, so do some trees.
A very tall fir tree on our lane was struck by lightning recently. There was some concern as to whether the tree needed to be cut down after seeing the damage that was done, but when the neighbors called an arbor company, it was determined that the tree was okay to let stand.

3. We celebrated our wedding anniversary by seeing the musical, Singin' in the Rain Jr.
It is always exciting to be able to watch young people perform in musicals, and especially so when you have grandchildren participating. I am constantly amazed by talent displayed by today's youth. I am also thankful for the safe travel we had in spite of the very heavy traffic causing a much longer travel time on our trip there. Returning home seemed like a piece of cake in comparison.

4. Puppies
We had been looking forward to meeting this puppy in person for some time. This weekend we had our formal introduction. (Okay, not so formal.)  From the size of his favorite stick to drag around, I think he is trying to make it clear that in spite of his cute appearance he wants to be taken seriously. As a golden retriever that may be a bit hard to accomplish.

Six-month old golden retriever dragging
a big stick

5. I am thankful that the repairman who came to take care of our screeching clothes dryer didn't have to replace a part.
One night I threw a load of clothes into the dryer. The load wasn't quite done when I went to bed, but I'd no sooner gotten in bed when I heard a terrible screeching sound. Immediately I went to the utility room and turned off the dryer. Thankfully I had empty dirty clothes baskets because it was going to be a weekend plus three days before the repairman could come. It was astounding that such a very tiny pebble between the drum and glides caused such a commotion.

This very tiny pebble in my clothes dryer
caused quite a commotion.

6. I am thankful for medicine that does what it is supposed to do.
My bone density has improved a little this past year thanks to the weekly medication I take.

7. Spider traps
With the advent of fall it seems that a few spiders show up a month early for Halloween, but I was ready.

8. Taking time to read quotations that I have on my refrigerator.

Quotation by author Brian Herbert
 about learning

9. Rereading a childhood favorite book
Somehow rereading Pollyanna, by Eleanor H. Porter seemed a good book to read this week considering that it was World Gratitude Day on Saturday. Playing the glad game can't hurt anyone and certainly couldn't help but bring about some happiness. Pollyanna is one of the first thick books I remember receiving as a little girl. (I was able to download it this past week to read on my Kindle.)

10. Rainbows
When we were returning from our trip this weekend, it was almost sunset. In the distance we saw what almost appeared to be a rainbow beanie sitting atop a distant hill. It was like a brilliant rainbow that had been squished into an orb on top of the hill. I wasn't able to take a photo because of where I was sitting and because of the traffic, but it was beautiful! Have you ever seen a rainbow that wasn't the expected shape?

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Was the rainbow a sun dog?

    1. Thank you.
      It was kind of like a sun dog, except the sun was setting in the west and this patch of rainbow was fairly low in the sky in the east just above a hill. There were lots of dark clouds above this patch of rainbow. Most likely there was heavy rain somewhere in that area since there was some rain falling where we were driving.

  2. Happy Anniversary
    (that call, had you made it, would have sounded, "You have a collect call from... will you accept the charges?"
    lol... not because it was so long ago that there were only long distance charges, but because, as I seem to remember, you could 'reverse the charges', provided the person you were call was will to... as I'm sure they would have.*)
    excellent doggie. a new family member? (Ola, even as an adult dog, preferred to carry as large a stick as possible as she lead us on a walk through the woods. clearly quite proud of her responsibilities to the pack)

    *funny thing about flashbacks, they drag a ton of stuff along even when its a simple thing! lol

    1. Thanks, Clark. When one has been married this long, there are plenty of flashbacks🙂.
      The dog belongs to our son's family. They have a lot more energy to care for one than we do now.

  3. Wonderful list, and thank you for that quote. Pollyanna had the right idea with her glad game.

  4. Happy anniversary! I'm glad you got to go spend time with some of your grandkids, and got to meet Thor while he is still a puppy.
    My dryer has occasionally been very noisy. I'm wondering now if it also had a little pebble that managed to dislodge. In any case, hurrah for working appliances!
    The rainbow beanie sounds interesting.

    1. Thank you. The screeching from that little pebble sounded terrible and it wasn't a sound we were willing to endure until it dislodged. That being said, since we didn't know the cause of the sound, we just turned the dryer off until we were able to have the repairman take a look.

  5. I enjoyed reading your ten thankfuls. :) It's a fun blog hop though I don't usually get around to participating myself due to life, but's wonderful to be grateful. :)
    Nice to meet you here in the blogosphere!

    1. Thanks for visiting. Hopefully, you will be able to share some thankfuls when life calms down a bit. I took an hiatus from blogging for a while when "life got in the way," so I totally understand. In the meantime just thinking about those things you are thankful for can make a big difference in one's perspective.