Saturday, September 7, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

This week has been a whirlwind of activity and I am glad to be able to step away from the activity for a few moments to reflect and share a few things for which I am grateful. Thanks to Kristi of Thankful Me I am able to join with others who have found the benefit of giving thanks for those things, events, and people who have touched their lives and made their own existence more meaningful. I am linking this post to the blog hop, Ten Things of Thankful hosted by Kristi.  Clark, Dyanne, Lisa and myself are co-hosts. If you decide that you want to jump on board and share your ten things of thankful, you can link your post at any of our sites where we have posted our Ten Things of Thankful for this week. The link opens on Friday and closes on Tuesday.

1. Yearly physicals
Most people recognize the importance of tune-ups for their automobiles, but unfortunately seeing a physician for yearly physicals sometimes can be put on the back burner. I am thankful that I am able to get yearly physicals and have health insurance.

2. Being able to be of help and also being recipients of help
Sometimes it is the simple things that are needed, just a helping hand, or another viewpoint, or energy when one's own is lacking. I am thankful that we were able to be on the giving end and well as on the receiving end this week.

3. Those who either don’t have a fear of working in high places or have overcome their fears
The arborists were here most of the day cutting down our old maple tree that was dying and had been severely damaged by a lightning and thunder storm this summer. I am thankful that they were able to stay safe as they cut down the tree that had grown from the sapling we had planted into a very large shade tree.

4. My mother’s beautiful peaceful expression when I visited her one day this week in the nursing home, and the squeeze of her hand on mine (#Alzheimer's)
When these rare moments happen, I treasure them with all my heart.

5. Fresh peach milkshake
On the way back from visiting my mother, I stopped and treated myself to a fresh peach milkshake. The peaches tasted like they had just been picked from the trees!

6. Dollies
Having the availability of a dolly when unloading a truck full of boxes made all the difference in the world when helping someone move.

7. Very large dumpsters
There is a time and a place when paying for a company to bring a large dumpster to a site is exactly what is needed and can save a lot of time and extra trips to the local refuse collection center. I am glad our friends were able to take advantage of this resource this week.

8. Sites that not only accept used clothing for resale purposes or to give to those in need, but will also recycle used clothing that is unacceptable for resale because of its wear and tear
Having this resource makes me feel like I am doing my part to in a small way save our planet. It is also nice to have some extra space in the clothes closet.

9. New shoes
My most  comfortable running shoes (in my case walking shoes) had begun to irritate one of my toes. Probably ten years ago, I found a shoe brand that seemed to be made just for me, because it was so comfortable. I have been a devoted purchaser of that shoe ever since, so I was surprised when my toe started to hurt while wearing the shoes. Upon investigating the inside of the shoe I discovered that after two years of wear, the lining had begun to separate and roll and rub on my toe. Getting new shoes was an easy fix for my problem.

10. Family on this side of the veil as well as family on the other side of the veil
My mother came from a very large family. My father was from a small family. The families of their ancestors were large in comparison to many of the families today. I have come to "know" many of the individuals in these families through the records that I have been able to uncover and through the memories of older relatives I corresponded with over my life span. There are times when the veil feels very thin and those who have departed feel extremely close.  The feeling is one of immense love. Have you ever experienced this type of closeness to your departed loved ones?

Autumn is almost here. The crocuses are

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  1. These are all great gratefuls! I’ve never had peach milkshake, but would love to try it.

    1. It is not something that is usually available at chain restaurants. There is a little store here that sell local produce that has a stand where they sell milkshakes made with various fresh fruits and shortcakes with fresh fruit toppings. There is a nice area with picnic tables and also an area where children can play. Wonderful place.

  2. "My most comfortable running shoes (in my case walking shoes)..."
    excellent line.
    not a fan of heights.... (Can force myself to climb the ladder twice a year to clean the gutter, but don't exactly hang out and wave to the neighbors and squirrels when I'm twenty feet up)lol
    have a great week

    1. Thanks, Clark. I might quicken my steps at times, but running would be asking for trouble.
      Since the leaves will soon be falling and finding their way to the gutters, I hope you will be safe up on that ladder.

  3. I totally loved your list! Your eye prescription situation is exactly like my own. What are the odds? I used to have a real fear of heights but I'm good to go now. But wielding tools effectively at the same time? Can't imagine. It's wonderful that you can still use the same shoe company. And I admire your efforts in genealogy. Very cool.

    1. Thank you.
      Some earlier fears I overcame as I got older, but heights, if I have doubts about the barriers or lack thereof still scare me.
      Doing genealogy research, with some few unsolved cases. However, just as there are now ways detectives are better able to solve some of the cases that have been in their files for decades, there have been a lot of advances in genealogy too, such as DNA tests, computers that are being trained to read handwriting of census records, and so many historical data bases that are easily available online.

  4. It's hard to accept help sometimes, being a strong-willed child at heart. I need to remember that doing everything myself when offered help denies someone the chance to serve.
    So nice to have a good visit with your mom. Such an awful disease for everyone involved.
    Do you have crocuses in the fall only? We get them in the spring, like really early spring. Early to mid-March.
    I know it's sad to see that maple tree go, especially since you had it since it was a baby.

    1. So true, Dyanne, about it being hard to accept help, but it is getting easier.
      We have the type of crocuses that bloom in the fall. The blossoms are larger than the ones which bloom in the spring. We had the smaller variety in the yard of a previous residence.