Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Six Sentence Stories - Cardinal

Through the blogging sphere (thanks Lisa), I have learned a little about tanka poems so I have decided to veer from my usual style of writing this week at Six Sentence Stories - Cardinal. Denise of Girlie on the Edge's Blog is the host of this blog hop. In a nutshell, the goal is to use the prompt word in a story written in just six sentences. 

I heard the whistle
of the cardinal calling
but I hurried on 
until I paused at sunset
to bask in the crimson hues

Why had I not stopped
and looked up through the branches
but I missed the chance
to listen reverently
and commune with God’s creature

My thoughts had buffered
nature’s melodious sounds
which could have lifted
my spirit had I allowed
and meditated therein

I scanned the tree’s limbs
hoping for a glimpse of red
but the day was gone
the opportunity missed
and darkness settled o’er me

Waking to the birds
chirping to welcome the morn’
I heard their message
in the new beautiful day
what’s done is done carry on

I heard the whistle
of the cardinal calling
but this day was new
so I stopped looked and listened
savoring the occasion


  1. Ah. Yes, what a great lesson, to stop and listen to the birds. I have a few noisy cardinals that get me up every morning.

    1. Thank you. We do not have cardinals in our area, but I think they beautiful birds.

  2. Love this, Pat.
    My favorite is 3 stanza, in particular "My thoughts had buffered
    nature’s melodious sounds". The "buffering" is why/how we all miss out on so much. We miss opportunity for...

    1. Thank you Denise. Yes, we miss a lot through our buffering.

  3. We have cardinals here in North Platte, lots of them, so I appreciate your "character's" ability to ignore the call the first time. Nice poem. I need to write more of them. But when?

    1. Thanks, Faith. Glad you enjoyed it. The cardinals I have seen in photos look so beautiful.

  4. yow*
    A solid message in a very engaging Six... very excellent with the 'visuals'

    * a compliment

  5. Yes! My favorite moment of the morning is when i stop to hear the birds singing praises.

    1. The birds seem to know when it is time to get up, usually sooner than I am ready. LOL

  6. Such a beautiful lesson in this lovely poem.