Monday, November 26, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

How quickly the time flies during the last three months of the year!
It seems as though when there is more to do, there is less time to accomplish everything, but giving thanks should never be one of those things to let slide by. The thoughts and the prayers have been there, but wrapping them up for a Ten Things of Thankful post hosted by Kristi Brierley has been slow going after the company left. 

1. Cozy, lightweight down-filled duvet. Some people like heavy blankets, and that was me as a child sleeping under several layers of wool blankets. Now a lightweight duvet feels better on these old bones.

2. Wood. We enjoy the look and smell of wood inside our home. There is just something comforting in being able to see knots in the boards and to see the grain of the wood.

3. The sound of the wind rushing by outside when one is safely gathered inside one's home.

4. Tears of someone when she received a gift that was lovingly made with by a group of friends.

5. The tight clasp of my mother's hand on mine that reminds me of how I might have grasped my mother's hand when I was very young. Life comes full circle and may it never be unbroken.

6. Eyes with which to see and to be seen.

7. Occasions that bring families and friends together. Sometimes it is a holiday. Other times it is a memorial service followed by what is like a reunion of sorts. Other events might include birthday parties, planned times to serve someone, or vacationing together. 

8. Honest, heartfelt communication.

9. A jar full of written memories. Last week I opened up a jar of memories about me written by one of my daughters when she was in college. How time goes by, and how easily the tears came as I reread these.

10. Vic and for the person he is and the couple we are.


  1. I enjoyed your 10 things of thankful. Creating special memories, renewing old. Treasures of giving and gratitude.

  2. As I've told John, once November comes, we enter "serious holiday season." So much to do and so little time to accomplish everything! :-)
    It sounds like Grandma still knows you, even on the days she might not know your name.

    1. There are some moments when she seems to know me.

  3. Like the sound of wind*
    The time of year is not my favorite, but at least summer starts next month**

    *now, more than before, having the
    ** well, on December 2nd the days begin to get longer and a huge part of the difficulty I have with this time of year is the early sunset thing.

    1. I agree with the difficulty of coping with the earlier sunset thing. It makes evenings so long. . .

  4. What a lovely Ten, Pat. Poetic and poignant.