Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

It is a beautiful sunny December day and I am thankful for that. The temperatures will dip below freezing again tonight, but the stove works, and we have plenty of pellets for the stove. A few things for which I am thankful and am posting below and linking to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Kristi Brierley perhaps will spark some thoughts of your own about what makes you feel thankful. I hope so, because keeping those things in mind helps one over the hurdles of life, and who doesn't need some help in that regard on occasion.

1. Church services on Sunday where people are free to express themselves regarding their testimonies and faith, their understanding of the scriptures being discussed, and their ideas on how to better serve others

2. Celebration of Life for my husband's uncle where we were able to see some relatives we hadn't seen for years and to meet people who had witnessed first hand how my husband's uncle had impacted so many people not only within his church family in this land but more specifically in various parts of Africa where he shared his faith and tried to make life better for the people there

3. Snow that waited a day to cover the roads over the pass we needed to travel to get to the Celebration of Life

4. A remarkable transition (for the better) in the health of one of the residents at the nursing home

5. The times when pain subsides, whether for me or for others I know who are struggling with pain issues

6. Giving a ride to someone after church and then receiving some much appreciated recipes from her that I think I can prepare with some adaptations and eat on my new diet

7. Doing a jigsaw puzzle that appeared to be brand new except for the fact that a few pieces had dropped out of the plastic wrapped pieces inside the box that I bought at a thrift store.  I can’t even remember doing a jigsaw puzzle, unless I helped one of our little children do one many years ago, although our child no doubt helped me do one. LOL. Jigsaw puzzles are not my forte, but I know that by trying new things we stimulate our brains and promote new kinds of learning, an important thing to do at any time, but especially so as one ages.

8. When I saw the picture on the puzzle box and saw the size of the pieces I knew it would be just perfect for some of the residents in the assisted living section of the multi-care nursing home where mom lives. Thanks to my husband’s help, we were able to verify that none of the pieces were missing by completing the puzzle before donating it to the nursing home.

Jigsaw puzzle

9. What a difference light makes in our perspective when painting or taking photographs, of our perspective of the world, and of our perspective of the individuals in it and how we view ourselves when others have touched us in positive ways.

A previous inhabitant of the Bush House,
which is now a museum, was a photographer
 and put up a white sheet near a window and
 near a lamp to get the right  kind of
lighting that was needed for her photos.

Although the sun was setting, there was
just enough light shining through this
Grand Canyon area to allow the beauty
of the wall to be seen in detail.

Picture yourself in this space
as you reflect on a time someone
lit up your world by his or her actions
or words. 😀

10. Opportunities to change, to grow, to learn, to overcome, to reflect, and to be.


  1. Glad you were able to travel safely. I should look through the photos I have and see what I have of Glen.
    You finished the puzzle--and all the pieces were there! Hopefully the residents will enjoy it.

    1. I'm sure that there will be some residents, most likely some in the assisted care unit who like to do puzzles. I don't even think that anyone had worked that puzzle, because there was just a little hole in the plastic bag with the pieces still in it. Maybe 10-15 pieces were loose in the box. It was one of many great finds that day.