Sunday, November 18, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

It has been a beautiful week here in our area, and because of that I think my energy levels rose to the occasion. That is something for which I am thankful. In a few more days we will have part of our family here to visit before, during and after Thanksgiving, and that is yet another thankful item. 

I have a few photos to share for my post for the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Kristi Brierley of Thankful Me. I'm looking forward to seeing what others share this week. Click the link and you will be able to read their posts too. Better still, give some thought to what you are thankful for and write your own post and then link up. This blog hop Thanksgiving table welcomes all who want to join.

1. "We jobs," although more like "he jobs" and not always "wee jobs." With sunshine and seeing more leaves on the ground than still on the trees, we decided to clean the gutters on the house. The picture shows my husband cleaning the gutters on the back side of the house. I did a little helping, but he manned the hose. The front side requires using a ladder, and again he had the harder part of the job, but it did require both of us to get that part done. "We" also cleaned some of the windows. It is nice to be able to get a clearer view from the inside again.

Having gutters fairly near the ground
makes for easier cleaning.

2. Shrub beds wearing their new fall coat. Although there are still some leaves falling, the time was right to get a load of bark dust. We are thankful for the crew which came and quickly did what we are not able to do. Vic spent a good portion of the morning using his tractor to dump the bark dust near the various areas. The crew did the raking, etc. They were using a wheelbarrow, and he knew it would be much quicker for him to use his tractor to get it to some of the beds.

Even as the bark dust was being spread, a
few maples leaves were anxious to adorn
the ground.

3. Trees decked out in cones.

Pine cones 

I believe these are spruce cones.

4. Color of plants and of blossoms.

This looks a little like a barberry
bush which couldn't decide
which color it liked best.

This pink rose blooming in the
middle of November looks
beautiful with the backdrop
of the weathered fence.

This assortment of shrubs and trees
displaying various fall colors caught my eye.

5. Surprise discoveries. Years ago Vic purchased a little coffee plant for an indoor plant. It has had its ups and downs, and came near dying at times, but I finally found the right spot for it after moving it several times. As I was turning the plant just a tad the other day, I saw what appeared to be a couple of coffee beans in the making. 

Ripening coffee beans

6. Creative inventions. When I was at a quilting bee this week, one of the women showed us the needle threader that I believe was made by her grandfather. He made it out of the lid of a tin can. It is considerably sturdier than the little thin needle threaders that one can buy. This one is well suited for threading yarn through the eye of a needle. As is quoted in the well-known proverb, Necessity is the mother of invention.

Needle threader made from the
lid of a tin can

7. Senior discount, finally! For years I have enjoyed using senior discounts, when I remember to mention it. Most businesses do not ask if a person is eligible for the discount. When I took our car in to be serviced this week I was asked if I wanted the senior discount! (My immediate thought was, "What, you mean you have a senior discount?") We have had some fairly expensive work done there on occasion, and never once did I see in print, nor did anyone mention that the senior discount was an option. Now on the other hand, I suppose that I should feel good about the fact I didn't look like a senior before now. LOL Besides the senior discount, my punch card was filled, so part of the work done that day was free!

8. The Supreme Court. After watching the documentary, RBG this week, I came away with a greater appreciation for the Supreme Court of our country. One of the things that I felt most appreciative of was seeing how the members can be on opposite sides of a situation but still be civil and even friends with one another! We need more of this kind of behavior.

9. Protein lunchboxes. Because of the diet I am on, it is very difficult to eat out. This week I found myself between errands and unable to go home to eat. I stopped at a little health food store where I sometimes shop to see if just by chance they might have something in their deli area that I could eat. I was very happy to see that they had protein lunchboxes available. Everything in the box was exactly what I could eat!

10. The many ways people all over are reaching out to help friends and strangers in their hour of need. It is heartwarming and faith promoting.


  1. I totally envy you your back, walk-to roof gutters. No a fan of ladders (our gutters are on the second floor and therefore about 16 or so feet in the air (totally feels like more when standing up on the ladder)). But we have pine trees and the needles get everywhere.
    Very cool, those with the creativity to create tools and such.

    1. Cleaning out pine needs gets really messy. We don't have any pine trees near the house, so we are dealing with the big leaves from the maples.
      The challenge with using a ladder to get to the higher gutters at the front of our house, is using a ladder that is being placed on a sloping ramp walkway.

  2. Would it be easier to reach the gutters on the front of the house by walking up the roof?
    I love your "we" "he" "wee" line!
    The photos are wonderful as always. How surprising that the coffee plant is actually producing beans!

    1. To go up and over really isn't an option. It would require hopping down to the roof over the green house, etc. Nope, this wouldn't work.

      Glad you liked my line. I had fun with that one.

      At this point, they are both still yellow. I have no idea how long it will take for them to turn brown. Maybe that happens when they are processed???