Thursday, November 8, 2018

Six Sentence Stories - Knee

With the cue given to us by Denise Farley of the Girlie on the Edge's Blog at her blog hop, I decided to use the plural form of this word because of a childhood memory it prompted. With the beautiful fall sunny day here as I am writing, the setting of my SSS seems a little out of place. Actually, there were several ideas that came to mind for using the prompt, but I'll save them for another time. Click the link to see what form of the prompt was used in the other Six Sentence Stories - Knee.

The down-pouring rain seemed to bounce off the puddles which had filled the many deep potholes in what had  been a smooth graveled lane in the summer.

When she’d walked over the first wooden bridge on the lane, she noticed that the creek water was slapping the underside of the boards and was the highest she had ever seen it.

She felt the sting of the rain against her bare legs and she wished that her jacket was longer so her skirt would stay dry. Her red and blue plaid, woolen-fringed headscarf was now completely soaked. 

During most of her walk home from school it had been just lightly sprinkling, not pouring like it was now, and had been most of the last few weeks.

At the final wooden bridge now undetectable under the rushing waters, she was met by her father wearing high rubber boots up to his knees ready to seemingly walk on water to assist her in making it safely home.



  1. Slowly rising waters from heavy rains can be a subtly frightening event. Walking while totally soaking wet, rain in your eyes, miserable. Especially after being in school all day.
    Hurray for Dad coming to the rescue!

  2. Good six! Nice image of a caring father.