Saturday, November 10, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

Today I am going to deviate somewhat from my usual numbering of my gratitudes. After all our host of the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop, Kristi Brierley, is really more interested in people taking time to think about those things for which they are thankful. Please consider taking part in this blog hop, whether it just be a line or two, or ten or more. Click the link above to share your post.

Because putting thoughts into writing have a way of  solidifying things in our minds, as well as giving us a place to return and remember as we read our thoughts of yesterdays and yesteryears, whether it be reviewing pages in our journals or reading our blog entries, who knows what impact the written word will have in our own life or in the lives of others. Just do it.

The most recent article I read about bells ringing was about the wave of bells that will be taking place in Canada on Sunday evening at dusk in remembrance of the armistice of WW1 100 years ago. The news of the war ending was spread via church bells ringing. I can just imaging what a joyful sound that must have been at that time. I am thankful for all who have served and who have made sacrifices for the freedoms we enjoy.

There are times when there is a monkey wrench that gets thrown in our everyday tasks causing us to take much more time doing a relatively simple task. This week I was thankful that when I balanced the checkbook, all went smooth as glass. There were no debit card entries that I'd forgotten to enter and no mathematical errors. Yeah!

I'm not sure how I missed hearing about a 200-year-old tradition in Georgetown, Delaware called Return Day, but what a brilliant custom this is that seems to bring a degree of unity to the community on a day that more often than not ends up a day of discord in other places. Anything that brings peace and unity is something to be celebrated.

As I was driving homeward one day this week, a red tail hawk did a dive-bomb across the three lanes of the southbound traffic. He was so focused on his intended meal awaiting him in the median strip that he literally crashed into the cement barrier. I'm not sure if he snatched his prey beforehand. I appreciate these lessons we learn from observing the actions of wildlife. Maybe if he had considered all his options, he might have chosen a different course of action. 

There are many "firsts" to explore. Today I watched my first ever webinar. It proved to be extremely helpful, and I know I am going to be viewing it more than once in order to understand more of the information that was presented. (It was for practitioners as well as other interested parties.) The Q & A after the presentation was just as helpful. I am thankful for those who share their knowledge.

Silence invigorates me and I need time to be alone with my thoughts, time to observe, and time to be still. Others are invigorated and reenergized by action, loud activities and being in large group settings. While I can enjoy that for a little while, there comes a time when it is no longer as enjoyable. I am not saying that one is better than the other, just that what is enjoyable for one isn't always what suits the other. Silence is golden, and I am thankful for some golden moments in my golden years.

Some years our Christmas cacti are blooming by Thanksgiving or sooner. Today I can see the beginning of some buds, but I don't know if they will be blooming by Thanksgiving. They may living up to their name this year. Either way, I am thankful to see indications that their flowers will brighten our home sooner or later. Just another lesson in patience. Life is oft' a waiting game.

I am thankful for the thoughts and prayers of others and for kindness and offers of help.

This time of year flickers return to our little hillside area and at times to our house instead of our trees. I am thankful to be able to hear when they begin to peck on the house, so I can go shoo them away! Fortunately we don't have to contend with the problem this homeowner has.

Vic and I are a team, one that works together and shares the load. Getting older does indeed require teamwork, and I am thankful for the many ways he helps out and keeps life enjoyable. Besides, he is just fun to be around!


  1. Earlier this year, I put a broken-off branch of my Christmas cactus into water to root. I still need to plant it, but I noticed the other day that it is starting to bud. I haven't noticed buds yet on the big plant it came from, though. Hopefully soon.

    I can just imagine you going outside to shoo away the birds! I don't know why Hallmark hasn't made the "cricket-hunter, flicker-shooer" Mother's Day card yet, but when they do, it's coming your way!

    Hope you have a nice quiet week. :-)

    1. The buds I am seeing a quite small at this point.

      I can't wait to see that "Hallmark" card. :-)

  2. "Because putting thoughts into writing has a way of solidifying things in our minds.."
    I appreciate this reminder. Thank you!

    One of my co-workers has a large, very beautiful Christmas cactus and we have been amazed that it has been blooming for at least a month! I hope we still see the same flowering at Christmas and I hope for sure, your plant is flowering by the Christmas holiday :)
    There are lessons all around us if we have the eyes to see them.

    1. There is a very large Christmas cactus where mom stays that seems to bloom forever too. It is huge, and if they every would need to move it, they would need to get a dolly as well as a few people with an abundance of muscles to transfer it to the dolly.

  3. "Maybe if he had considered all his options, he might have chosen a different course of action."
    Funny how different elements in a blog, even one with a common theme, take on different significance for each reader.
    Agree on the remarkable resource the internet can be in terms of information. Not only webinars but simply 'the youtube' when attempting a home repair or whatnot, seems like there is a video for every issue.
    Enjoyed the 'freeform/un-numbered' list. Fun TToT

    1. I remember being so happy when I was in junior high and our family was able to get a set of encyclopedias. I envied the kids who already had them in their homes. After we got them I enjoyed pouring through the pages and of course having them as a resource in addition to library books for school projects.
      The internet seems to have replaced many of the volumes homes used to have, but I am thankful that there are libraries which have books as well as digital collections.

  4. I love wildlife.


    Yes, that sound of bells can be a mournful one, but mostly I think it is a beautiful one. Even more so when announcing the end of a horor like war.

    Happy to be back to read your thankful posts. They are always cheering. I do understand, though, the beauty of a flowering Christmas cactus. I make it a habit of staying far away from any plant that can attack me, as I don't see it coming, as in when people have them accessible on a table or something in their house. Ouch!

    1. The Christmas Cactus is referred to as the True Cacti, but unlike so many cacti, they do not have anything that will poke you. Yeah for that! They just show off their beautiful blossoms.

      So glad that you are back again.