Saturday, August 11, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

It has been a good week and I've taken a few photos to share some of those things for which I am thankful. I'll be linking this post to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Kristi of Thankful Me. Are you feeling grateful? If you have a blog, why not write a post about those things, and link up to the blog hop. While you are there, see how other bloggers are expressing gratitude this week.

1. "Number 5"great grandchild, a little girl, was born this week! To see a photo of her, see the post of the host of this blog hop.

2. Received an email from our grandson saying he'd arrived safely in Argentina where he will be serving a church mission.

3. Went with my husband to eat lunch with some empty nesters.  I'm getting better about not indulging in too many of the items at the buffet.

4. Went to hear a speaker talk about essential oils. A few days later I was  bitten by a no-see-um. They are my nemeses. I usually do not realize I have been bitten until I see and feel a welt the following day. I decided to rub some lavender oil on the spot two or three times a day for a couple of days, and the itching went away. Usually the welt and itching lasts a week, but the welt subsided very quickly this time. What do you call no-see-ums in your area?

5. Escaping from the hot muggy weather here in the valley one day by driving to the coast, about an hour away. I loved watching the waves and listening to the sound of the ocean.

6. My husband spotted a little scallop shell on the sand. I had never seen one, except in little shops along the coast. I could walk forever along the shore looking at all the things that have washed up at low tide, and although this is not my husband's favorite thing to do he did it with me and for me this day. 

Scallop shell

There were lots of jellyfish on the sand.

7. Going on a tour of the new cheese factory in Tillamook and of course treating ourselves to cheese samples and then buying some ice cream. Yum!

Hoof prints of cows guided those taking the
self-tour at the cheese factory.

8. Seeing a plant that I remembered from childhood. I spotted the plant shown below when we were at the coast. I remembered a childhood friend telling me that it was called Indian tobacco. I wasn't sure if this was just a made-up story by a child or if there was some truth to it. Thanks now to Google and me having taken a photo I was able to identify the plant and also find a link giving some verification to her remark. 

Curly Dock

9. Bridges, and also the people and things that help us cross the big hurdles of life. My husband has helped me and the two of us cross a few hurdles over the years.

My husband crossing small bridge at
Ona Beach State Park

Yaquina Bay Bridge near Newport OR

10. Making it to three-quarters of my lifetime, if I follow in the footsteps of my centenarian mom. Thanks for all the well wishes.


  1. congrats on the new granddaughter! lots of things to be thankful :) ladylee x

    1. Thanks. I find it amazing to be at an age where I can have five great grandchildren.

  2. Glad you could escape the heat, and that you had a nice time at the coast. (Did you know that Californians go to the beach, but Oregonians go to the coast?)

    Happy birthday! I don't know if you are 3/4 of the way there or not--Grandma is past 100, and still going! :-)

    1. That is interesting. Maybe in California more people actually lie on the beach, whereas in Oregon more people walk along the coastline and wade in the water if it is a warm day.

      I wondered about the math too. According to the dictionary, a centenarian is 100 or older, but maybe I technically have just a wee bit further to go before reaching the 3/4 mark.

  3. Named after John Lennon's second wife?*
    The ocean, very excellent place.
    (Speaking of scallops...did you know that, sometimes, they will stampede across the ocean floor? No, seriously, their mea of locomotion is to shoot water from their shells which has the effect of lifting them from the bottom and thusly "...move along, little scallop, move along." (And they form vast herd...)

    *lol clearly someone else would have made the observation, had I not

    1. Thanks, Clark. I could have sworn the sign said Ono, but I checked the park name and just discovered that it is Ona, not Ono. (I corrected my error on my post.) Ona is the native word for razor clam.

      I just checked out crazy scallops on youtube. How fascinating!

  4. ♫♪♫ Happy Birthday! ♫♪♫ What lovely blessings!