Friday, August 31, 2018

Photo Blogging Challenge - August 2018- Photographer's Choice #photoblogchal

Over at A 'Lil HooHaa there is a Photo Blogging Challenge this month. All during the month we are challenged to take photos and then select five to post on the last day of the month. I'm linking mine to Photo Blogging Challenge - August 2018 - Photographer's Choice #photoblogchal.

If there is a theme to these five photos, I think it might be something is missing.

The fog at the Pacific coastline was beginning to lift, but much of the large outcropping of rock was still obscured by the fog making it look like it was suspended in the air.

The remains of what once had been a picnic table now looks like something left over from Neolithic ancestors. 

The something missing here is the rest of the wild turkey.

These strikingly white blossoms on this honeysuckle plant are missing the usual natural yellow coloring of the blossoms.

This Mason Bee House is missing a few mason bees in some of the tubes.

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  1. I just happened to be going through some comments and saw you had linked up. Good photos for this theme! I hope you'll join us again -- just remember to link up on that post as well each month so others see it!