Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday's Whirligig 97

My composition for this blog hop writing challenge is a haiku of several stanzas.  My inspiration came from the words from "Ways of Rebelling" by Nathalie Handal:  poking, pain, proper, hummingbirds, heavy, heard, county, compare, can survive, sky, storm.  

I'm linking my post to Sunday's Whirligig 97.

below heavy clouds

below heavy clouds
scent of ozone wafts in air
before the lightning

hummingbirds were heard
zipping to the red feeder
they waited their turn

as they hovered 'round
they made poking stabs toward birds
to make them depart

the loud thunder clapped
as is proper for such times
jack rabbits scurried

under the old shed
secrets of the past were there
about this country

tales may come to light
now unknown they will explain
pain of stormy past

penned on paper scraps
in rusty can the truth reveals
clues to mysteries

explaining the doubts
truth is now compared to lies
with shouts to the skies


  1. Those tales that "may" come to light? Perhaps it is better that they don't. After all, it doesn't hurt to live with mystery, does it?

    1. Sometimes living with a little mystery is probably better than having to live with the truth. It most likely would depend on what the mystery is and how the truth might impact the receiver. Then again, if the receiver's well being is harmed by mysterious lies or tales, etc. better the truth come out perhaps.