Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sunday Whirl Wordle 285 Dreaming of repose

It is amazing to me what words given in blog up challenges stir up in me.  I decided to write a haiku of several stanzas for this post and link it to Sunday Whirl Wordle 285

dreaming of repose

with loved ones waving
a body of soldiers leave
for foreign countries

where people have died
within homes carved by gunshot
they bled saying prayers

while kneeling on stone
supplications were stifled
with bombs and with fire

sadness and fear spread
with sacrifices of life
they clung to papers

brown with age and wear
the writing was hard to read
through the smoke and dust

his fingernails pressed
their lifeline in a pocket
darkened by red blood

their world was falling
unable to protect them
they dreamed of repose