Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sunday Whirl Wordle 286 - All on a blistering hot day

For my post which I am linking to the Sunday Whirl Wordle 286, I am writing some prose using the early words posted on Facebook on Feb. 10, 2017. Participants in this blog hop may use as many or as few of the words as they wish.  Various forms of the words are also acceptable.

The early words are song, rhythms, melody, unusual, face, half, rag, upright, stool, challenge, root, resound.

all on a blistering hot  day

memories of your face smiling
looking at two children walking up
to the counter and asking
for a drink of water in a drugstore
soda fountain in a small town
on a blistering hot day
while others sat on stools
drinking root beer floats
while rhythms of the day played
on the bright red jukebox in the corner

a waitress taking a clean rag from
a bucket to wipe up a spill on 
the red and blue plaid plastic tablecloth
covering a small table
where some young 'uns
had been eating their soft
vanilla ice cream cones which
had been dripping
between their fingers
and down their checkered sunsuits

a paddle wheel fan slowly rotating
from the ceiling in the middle of the room
screen door squeaking
when customers entered
escaping the heat
a tall lean cowboy strolling slowly
up to the counter
and sitting on the only empty stool
ordering a coke and casually gazing around
to see if there was anyone he knew

an upright young man taller by half
again the height of his grandmother
holding the door for her
as she shuffled in to find
a package of hearing aid
batteries with her sight
now failing her in reading
the numbers on the batteries
and challenging her to
get them off the hook

a family of five sitting at the counter
finishing their malted milkshakes
and walking out 
into the bright sunlight
past the antique store with old dolls
and an unusual bubble gum machine
in the window display
while a phonograph with opened top
was playing an old Irish
melody just inside the open door

family beginning to sway to the music
and then singing a resounding chorus
of When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
a tipping of the hat of an
old gentleman who was singing
under the awning across the street
all on a blistering hot day
when I remembered
you smiling at the children
and then at me


  1. You paint a vivid picture....I remember that drugstore...

    1. Thank you. Bits of things we have experienced just never leave us.