Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Whirl Wordle 287 - The Real Deal

Some stanzas of haiku is what I have chosen to write for this post.  I will be linking this to the blog hop at Sunday Whirl Wordle 287 hosted by Brenda Warren.  The challenge is to write a poem or prose using some or all of the 12 words given.  Participants may use different forms of the words if they choose.  Want to know what others have written?  Just click the link.

the real deal

fantasy or real
signing on the line seemed true
filling her with hope

no longer marooned
alone she could believe now
the signs in the sky

booming thunder claps
the clouds darken and shield the sun
rays streaming downward

vapors disappear
as weather swing denies plans
a new deal springs forth

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