Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sunday's Whirligig 96

This week's words for the challenge at Sunday's Whirligig 96 come from "For the Consideration of Poets" by Haki Madhubuti:  resistance, defiance, unafraid, demands, doubt, promises, academic, clown, talk, lies, void, suspicion.  Participants may create a poem, a short story, or some other piece of writing and use as many of the words, in any form, as they may wish.  I've chosen to write a poem including all of the words, with slight difference in the form of two of the words.

a parade of clowns
walked without any resistance
unafraid of the defiance
and doubt of the crowd
of hopeful demands
and academics' suspicions
the clowns rambled on void of plan
caught in talk and lies
they had miles to walk
but they were lost among the people
fearing promises were futile
the clowns ceased smiling

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