Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sunday Whirl Wordle 282

Wordle challenges provide 12 words that the writer may use in their poem or short prose.  Writers are challenged to use all the words, but it isn't a requirement.  Forms of the words are okay to use as well.  I am linking my haiku of five stanzas to Sunday Whirl Wordle 282.  Sunday Whirl has a Facebook page too, where you can find out on Friday what the clues are for the coming week. 

This week the words are the following:  water, become, shrill, sense, stitch, peak, wake, singe, circle, draw, blue, ribbon.


above the water
the shrill sound of a gull called
waking her from sleep

she squinted her eyes
with a sense of drowsiness
she felt her singed skin

not wanting to move
she drew the blue ribboned kite
over her body

circle of light shone
over shoreline rocky peaks
a memory comes

a stitch at a time
in her mind it becomes lodged
at last without pain 

Cape Foul Weather Lookout, Oregon coast

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