Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday's Whirligig #94

This blog hop challenge is posted each Wednesday.  The link up begins the following Sunday at midnight (Pacific Time) and stays operable for one week.  The words to be included in your genre of writing is to include as many of the words in any form as you wish.  If you want to participate, click the link to read more about this challenge at Sunday's Whirligig #94.  This week's words come from "The Well of Grief" by David Whyte:  slip, well, grief, turning, place, breathe, source, glimmering, coins, thrown, something, still.  

My genre this week is a haiku of several stanzas in which I wrote about the nature of a fictitious lost human relationship. 

Lost to Anger

her mind was racing
as glimmering diamond fell
she could hardly breathe

her grief was a source
well beyond understanding
her hopes were slipping

dreams thrown like small coins
in fountain water they sank
to a still dark place

no longer something
they both were planning to share
their love forever

now turned forgetting 
the good things soured by harsh words
spoken in anger


  1. I can picture those coins at the bottom of the well.. their hopes slowly would be good if we could pick them out sometimes and replant our wishes - a beautiful piece

    1. I am glad that you can see that picture. How nice it would be if we could replant wishes, but in a way I think we can. The results might even turn out to be better, if we a better mix of planting material.

  2. It is sad that so many budding relationships end in this fashion. I know they keep statistics on divorce, but you have to wonder how many couples stay together simply because they haven't a clue how to do anything else?


    1. That is a good point...or make the effort to change their own habits, or try to see the point of view of their intended or their spouse