Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cee's Compose Yourself Challenge: Week #16 Color Basics

Capturing just the right colors in photographs often can be helped along once one gets them into the computer, depending on what compositional tools you have at your fingertips and how skilled you are at using them.  There are many who are way more advanced than myself, but I decided to see what I could do with what I have available.  Cee's Compose Yourself Challenge:  Week #16 Color Basics asks that six photos be shared, three showing warm tones and three showing cool tones.  I use Photo on the Mac to edit my photos.

This is the original photo and has a cooler look to it even though there must have been some sunshine, because of being able to see the shadow of the feather.

I used the Transfer filter to change the color in the photo to a warmer tone.

This is the original.  The grass shows a warmer green.

By applying less color and less light to the photo, it now takes on a cooler tone.

This is the original.  Before working with the tones, I decided it needed the help of the cropping tool so I could straighten it.

This photo shows the photo now straightened and cropped.  I also used the fade filter to give it a cooler look.

The last photo has been warmed up by applying the transfer filter.

Be sure to check out Cee's site to see how others have responded to this blog hop challenge.


  1. Beautiful photos, I am learning how to adjust, it is interesting. Regards.

  2. You did some real great work here. I know our sand here in Oregon usually looks cold. So I often add yellow or orange to warm it up. :D