Friday, September 4, 2015

Six Word Fridays - Purple

Today my post is being linked to Adrienne's blog hop, Six Word Fridays - Purple.  There are a lot of different directions this post could have gone, but I finally settled on one.

Sunset questions arise in setting sun 

Purple mountains majestically dividing the plains,
displaying sunset in orange and pink,
causing one to pause and look,
to ponder the day, to think,
the sod so difficult to dig,
the child buried five miles back,
mustn't show my tears, not now,
food sparingly doled, before we lack,
will next water hole be far,
will it be near the trail,
will we find shade there too,
what will crossing the mountains entail,
will we get to the place,
questions, yes questions, spoken and unsaid, 
trying to disturb faith and belief,
before heading to prepared earthen bed.

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  1. A beautiful poem and gorgeous purple mountains!!

    1. Thank you, and thank you for visiting my site.

  2. And your header picture is gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you. The header is from one of my own photos. I especially like the colors.

  3. What a beautiful poem! Reminded me of the pioneers crossing the plains and having to bury loved ones along the way.

    1. I was thinking of them when I wrote this, but considering the many people in the world today who are being forced to find a safer place to live and the lives that are being sacrificed as they make the dangerous trek, I realized that the words I wrote could apply to some in this day and age.