Saturday, July 31, 2021

Ten Things of Thankful

Although there has been plenty of news around the world this week, as there is every week, this is a time for me to reflect upon a few things for which I am thankful.  Kudos to Dyanne of Backsies Is What There Is Not, for hosting this blog hop where we can share our list of ten (or fewer or more) each week. I am linking my post to Ten Things of Thankful.  

An abundance of fuchsia blossoms
like feelings of gratitude are beautiful
to behold

1. The thin cloud cover that kept the forecasted triple digit high temperatures for the past couple of days from being realized

2. The sound of very distant thunder claps early one evening

3. Waking up one morning and discovering that it rained during the night!

4. The smell that is in the air after it has rained after so many dry hot days

5. The discovery that the distant orange light seeming to flicker through the the trees off in the distance late one evening was not the beginning of a fire in the dry country neighborhood but instead was most likely a type of outdoor lighting

6. A couple of large slices of a delicious homemade peach pie delivered to us by someone we know in the neighborhood

7. An unexpected surprising experience while doing some watering of plants outside

8. A poem created from the above mentioned life experience

The vole wasn’t expecting the water

And she wasn’t expecting the vole

It was a surprise to them both

So the vermin leapt toward its goal

Like a miniature low-flying Hindenburg balloon

Trying to escape the vermin monsoon

9. Being able to share in the happiness loved ones are feeling upon hearing good news

10. Not having to coax the robot vacuum to its docking place when the battery was getting low (It is learning.)

Vic and being able to live out our lives together

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  1. These are great gratefuls, particularly the one about the orange light not being a forest fire. The smell of rain can be comforting indeed.

    1. Yes, I was able to fall asleep easily that night after realizing there wasn't the beginnings of a fire in the neighborhood.

  2. Glad you finally got rain and some relief from the heat. I haven't heard much lately about the fires in your state. Are they under control yet? Guess you didn't drown the vole! Both of you must have been pretty surprised!

    1. We still have a lot of fires burning in Oregon. The largest one has over 413,000 acres burning.
      Once the vole leaped into some nearby underbrush, I couldn't see where he was, so as far as I know he is still alive perhaps with a little bit of a concussion if he hit his head in the landing.

  3. I always enjoyed thunderstorms. At least prior to having Ola and Bella and Una. Being the ultimate sensible lifeforms, they did not find such storms overly amusing.
    Una, however, both dislikes the thunder more than the previous two, we have been fortunate to find that certain music calms her enough to sleep through them. (Or, at least relax enough to doze off...being DJ I must sit at the computer as, as the songs that work are a small handful of loud-music songs and I just alternatively repeat them.)
    to thunderstorms and changes in the weather.

    1. Oh, poor Una, but I am so glad she has her favorite DJ to help her deal with her angst. When we used to live across the road from where a yearly fireworks event took place our lab at the time also hated the explosive fireworks and of course thunder storms as well.