Friday, July 23, 2021

Ten Things of Thankful

If one looks around, there are often things for which one could feel grateful, but the trouble is sometimes other things in life seem to push aside what is right there in front of us and blind our view of the minute as well as the stupendous rewards of being alive. If you are having one of those times when the blinders are keeping you from seeing and remembering, I hope that you will be blessed with those louvers being moved so that you can take in those scenes, perhaps even memories from your past, that will help you see and feel what is there to lift your spirits and bring a sense of gratitude. 

Thanks to Dyanne of Backsies Is What There Is Not, for hosting the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop so we can have a way to quickly share with others our reflections on gratefulness this week.

Oregon swallowtail butterfly

1. Health issues for both of us are less alarming now and may actually put me on the right track for figuring out a puzzling health challenge I have had

2. Water for the thirsty creatures

Although this large tub of water draws a lot of birds to it, this time of the year, especially during these higher temperatures, we also have a steady stream of deer coming for fresh water. 

Doe and her spotted fawn

3. A neighbor’s offer of fresh vegetables from her abundant garden

Fresh chard from the garden is one of my favorite vegetables! Do you like to eat chard?

4. A friend dropping by to visit for a little while

5. Problem solving how to get a better night’s rest when wearing a CPAP mask

I found a way to quiet the sound of the hose rubbing  against the headboard and causing me to wake up at night numerous times. The hose now hangs over an extension on the pole lamp beside the bed. I wrapped an old washcloth over the extension so there is no sound if the hose moves.  It is so nice to have a good night’s rest.

6. A grown nephew who had chosen to not get the COVID vaccine was released from the hospital after having to spend five days there because he was diagnosed with COVID pneumonia is now able (fortunately) to continue healing at home.

Note: There is no need to comment on this one, as there are probably varying positions by readers about the importance of getting the vaccine or not getting it. 

7. How three or more sources are better than just one or two when it comes to discovering the truth of a matter

After wondering about what a census taker wrote for my grandfather’s occupation in 1910, I did some research and discovered a 1911 city directory that gave the correct information.  The census information gave his employment as being with the Federal Express Co. Just for further proof I found articles about the history of the Federal Express Company which showed that the company didn’t exist in 1910 or 1911. The United States Express Company did and was shown as my grandfather’s employer in the 1911 directory. In 1914 the United States Express Company ceased operation due to the Parcel Post Law. Scroll down to Automobiles in this link to see how packages began to be delivered in the United States after 1913.

8. Thanks to someone’s comment on FB, I too know how to make the curser on my computer screen appear larger long enough for me to find it. (In case you have been wondering how to do that, just shake the mouse.)

9. Oregon swallowtail butterfly poses

Every year I look forward to when our butterfly bush is in bloom, because that is when we see the return of the Oregon swallowtail butterflies. Often one of the tails has broken from all that flitting from one blossom to the another, but today was my lucky day, and this beautiful butterfly was willing to stick around long enough for me to get several photos of it in different positions.

Oregon swallowtail butterfly

Oregon swallowtail butterfly

10. Staying in touch with family and friends through the good news and the bad news  

Extra thankful that we could celebrate Vic's 80th birthday!!!

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  1. Such a happy list, thank you, and no matter his choices, i do pray your nephew heals quickly.

  2. Less alarming is often a good thing! (Number1)
    I take you still have the heat thing going on... our deer population is quite sizable this year, as are the rabbits for some reason.
    Always good to come upon (or come up with) a solution to (a) problem (#5, 8)
    Have the best week possible.

    1. We don't have rabbits, but those who do have spoken of the damage they can do to their gardens.
      Yes, coming up with solutions, even if they sometimes sound a little crazy, can make life easier.

  3. Happy birthday, Vic! SO GLAD the health issues are improving! May they continue to do so!
    Love the deer getting a drink - how sweet!
    I have never had Swiss chard and don't quite know what it is (I'm thinking something kale-ish), but I'm pretty picky, so I probably wouldn't like it (like I don't like kale!).
    My husband sleeps like the dead with his CPAP. Best thing that ever happened for him! He loves it! A friend had trouble getting comfortable with her hose, and she got the kind of mask that has the tube on top of her head, like a Teletubby. She said it looks funny, but the hose doesn't bother her now. Just passing it along in case it helps you in any way!

    1. Swiss chard and kale are both leafy and green, but the texture and taste have nothing in common. Although I have eaten some kale, I don't really like it. Swiss chard is tender. My favorite way to eat it is steamed with a little butter and a sprinkling of lemon juice or sometimes vinegar and a small dash of salt. So yummy.
      Your description of the one brand of CPAP is hilarious. I hadn't even thought about that, maybe because Teletubbies didn't come into being until I had grandchildren. My husband wears one like that. I don't know if your friend's CPAP is the same brand as his, but recently we learned the company that makes my husband's CPAP has recalled most all their machines. If her machine was one of those recalled, she should have received an email notifying her of that. I almost didn't even open the email thinking it was spam. It wasn't. The company has since made a "Fix" for the problem (which we now have on Vic's machine), but it will be perhaps as long as a year or longer before they are able to make new machines to take care of the problem.