Saturday, May 29, 2021

Ten Things of Thankful

It has been a memorable week with things for which to be grateful. This week is different in that it leads up to Memorial Day in the United States this coming Monday when we remember those who lost their lives while serving in the U. S. military. The sacrifices made by the families of those who have served in the military is one that should not to be forgotten either. 

Dyanne of Backsies Is What There Is Not allows us a space to share those things that remind us of all there is to remember that make us feel a sense of thankfulness. I'll be linking up to the blog hop Ten Things of Thankful which she hosts. 


1. Announcements and accompanying photos via texts that express the delight of all

There is a Golden Retriever puppy in our extended family! Their first Golden Retriever lived a wonderful long life. Life  just wasn't the same without having a dog in the home, so now there is another of these wonderful pets in their lives.

2. During some more strong winds this week another widow maker fell (a smaller one this time) and it it didn’t land on the lane this week, so that was another plus!

3. Being gifted a rhododendron that another family no longer wanted because it had grown too big for the space where it was been planted

4. Feeling thankful to the person who dug the shrub mentioned in #3 and called us to see if we would be interested in having the plant

5. Knowledge and experiences shared by others and being able to attend a function that allowed me to listen and learn not only from the speaker but from other attendees' experiences

The topic addressed was based on part of the scripture in  Matthew 19:19 in the New Testament. Often much is said about the importance of loving one’s neighbors and how in adhering to that admonition the importance of remembering how important it is to take care of oneself often gets forgotten.

6. For repeated promptings to contact someone about a request made in a FB post while at the same time thinking her need probably had already been addressed by someone else 

I was glad the promptings kept coming to me and that I finally did what was needed. The important message here is that sometimes you might be the only one who has what is needed at a given time and are the only “one” who can help.

7. Seeing a Western Tanager come to our outside water fountain just for a few seconds as I was preparing this post

They are beautiful birds, but rarely come up to the fountain. This was the first one I had seen this spring on our property, and wouldn't  you know it, my camera was in the other room.

8. Phone call with good news

A doctor I have been waiting to see will be able to see me the middle of June rather than the later scheduled date.

9. Finding out that a historical fiction novel about WW2 that I have wanted to read is available on Audible 

10. Hugs and all the benefits they bring and for Vic, my favorite hugger

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  1. jeez, the suspended broken limb factor in your part of the world is rather impressive (and not a little intimidating).
    Excellent looking dog!
    Have a very good week ahead.

    1. All is quiet on the western front tonight.
      Since one little sleepy-eyed Golden Retriever puppy looks like almost every other Golden Retriever puppy, sharing one from Pixabay worked for my purposes here.

  2. I followed the link to the Western Tanager, and I am amazed at its beauty. I would be excited to see a bird like that with my own eyes.

    1. I imagine there are birds in your country that are very beautiful too, and with the internet we get see so many birds and animals all over the world. It is such a difference from the black and white photos that were in many of the encyclopedias when I was a very young girl.

  3. How fun to have a new puppy in the family! And how wonderful that you followed up on that facebook post you read. You were just what that person needed! More branches down - I agree with Clark's comment!

    1. I suspect by the time I get to see the puppy in person, not just through a text, the puppy will be grown, but I love seeing the photos.
      It is a good feeling knowing that even small acts can actually be very big acts to someone else.