Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Ten Things of Thankful

Truly I am still thankful, truly I am. On this day 41 years ago Mt. St. Helens erupted. It was a day that many in the Northwest part of this nation will always remember. I am thankful that we were not close enough to reap the death and destruction that came when the volcano blew its top, although some of its very fine ashes did make their way into our vicinity that year.

This list of ten is finally being posted and linked to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Dyanne of Backsies Is What There Is Not.

Lilac blossom

1. Discovering and having a poisonous plant removed before it blossomed and spread its seeds

2. Mother’s Day and birthday celebration surprises combined into one tremendous gathering

3. Delicious meals prepared by loving hands

4. Awaited appointments finally scheduled and in the queue

5. Movies and books that make me search to know more about history

6. More COVID-19 vaccines available to more adults and students

7. Listening to grown children read aloud and laugh as they shared excerpts from my journal entries which included statements made by them when they were little (Note: They did have my permission to read my journal.)

8. Beautiful works of art on flower petals

Oregon iris

9. Purple pine cones shaped like a corsages

Purple pine cones

10. Vic and his ability to not give any indication to me of impending surprise visits from our children

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