Friday, May 21, 2021

Ten Things of Thankful

Sometimes these Ten Things of Thankful come easily and quickly, but don't worry if sometimes they don't. Although the link opens on Thursday, there are several days allowed for participants to link their posts to the blog hop. Thank you Dyanne (Backsies Is What There Is Not) for hosting each week. What are you thankful for this week, or anytime for that matter?

Western Wild Rose

Not so thankul for the black clouds in the sky and accompanying strong winds that gave the trees a massive shaking for probably no longer than 15 minutes on Wednesday because the arborists can’t come until June and we still have widow makers hanging from a lot of the trees due to the ice storm back in February

But very thankful that

No one was hurt Thursday morning when a huge widow maker fell partly on the lane and partly on our hillside 

Oak widow maker

The  limb didn’t fall on Wednesday when our yard guy was using a weed eater on the same area of the hillside

That drivers of two vehicles were able to navigate safely up and down the lane that morning before the sudden descent of the limb

That the neighbors coming down the hill after the limb had fallen were able to pull over enough to allow them to get their Bobcat and shove the limb completely off the lane (We were not even aware the limb had fallen until about an hour later.)

That one of the arborists is now going to be able to come the middle of June instead of toward the end of June 

Other thankful items this week

Eyes to see and the laughter that  comes when I see it after years of it staring right at me

Hidden face in floor tile


In an attempt to find the exact date of an event that had happened, I searched a couple of my journals from years ago. I knew the month, and the approximate year, so it was easy to verify the date. What I had forgotten was that I had written a poem about what had happened and shared it in my journal. This is what was special about finding the poem. When I read the poem, I immediately thought of a family member who might be strengthened by reading it this week. From the response of the recipient, I knew it was a poem I was meant to share.

Gifts, cards, and thoughts that keep on giving. Over a period of years my FIL had a tradition he and one of his brothers shared. There was one Christmas card that was exchanged every year between them. One year one brother was the sender of the card, and the next year the other brother sent the same card back to my FIL, but in a new envelope. I suspect there was a letter from the sender that was included with the card each Christmas. I thought of my FIL this week when I received a thank you card and a $20 bill from a friend for picking up her mail for several weeks when she was gone on a trip. Her note to me in the card was, “You are worth it.” I was surprised about receiving money for doing this for her. When I objected to receiving the money, she seemed to pause and then asked me if I remembered giving her a $20 bill once and telling her she was worth it. She too had objected. Ah, the light bulb came on. I shared the story about my FIL and told her not to be surprised when the $20 comes back to her at some point in the future. 🙂

Being able to stream a high school school musical performed in another state when we are not able to attend in person

Learning that people we care about and hadn’t been able to reach are okay


For Vic and this song from The Big Fish broadway musical

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  1. I suspect we don't have trees that are quite as massive as the ones that would shed a limb as large as the one in the photo...
    fun, isn't it to go searching through pleasantly-surprisingly thick body of work (journals and blog posts and other word-artifacts of our creation) to find one in particular.
    Have a good week

    1. There are some advantages to having trees with branches that are not so massive and have the capacity to do so much damage when storms strike.
      Unfortunately I haven't indexed my journals, so often I have to resort to my memory, calendar notations, or some association with a well known event to find a certain entry. At least with a blog post one can do a search and locate a needed piece of information. Then again the type of info I find myself searching for is usually found in my journals, not on a blog post.

  2. I see several 'faces' in your floor tile. :-)

    1. Now that you brought this to my attention, I see more, ones I hadn't noticed at first.

  3. That tree limb was massive! No wonder it's called a widow maker! Glad it was an all's well that ends well situation. I see a cameo face in the tile. Love the story about the $20 bill. What a fun tradition your FIL had and that YOU may now have with your friend!