Friday, December 18, 2020

Six Sentence Stories - Change

Receiving change during COVID-19 has become almost non-existent, but never worry. Denise of Girlie On the Edge's Blog has used it as a cue in the blog hop she hosts. See how change is being distributed at Six Sentence Stories - Change.

Her thin wispy hair blew ever so slightly in the breeze as she slowly bent over to pick up a penny from the sidewalk in front of her home. 

The widower next door noticed her dropping the coin into the pocket of her housecoat and hollered loud enough to be heard by Liz and anyone else on the block, It must be your lucky day!

She smiled somewhat pensively as she carefully made her way up the four steps into her craftsman bungalow she and Jack built when they were young, when spare change was hard to come by.

As she pushed the swinging door leading into the kitchen, she reached into her pocket with her other hand to retrieve the tarnished penny whose color was almost the same as the blue-tinted 2-quart canning jar tucked in the corner by the bread box.

After dropping the coin into the almost full jar, she mused at how proud Jack would have been that she had continued their tradition after all these years, but then she remembered his parting words followed by a whispered pleading word, Promise?

Just then her train of thought was interrupted an unexpected knock on her front door.


  1. I imagine that knock as a fulfillment of the promise.

  2. Well done. Easily visible in ones mind.

  3. Engaging and poignant*

    * the highest of praise in Sixville

  4. Looking for a word...captivating? Yes! Lovely Six, Pat.
    In my imagination, Liz has been on a journey. One beginning with a promise, perhaps at making, for the benefit of another. The knock on the door is a most excellent cliffhanger. Leaves me to imagine....

    1. Thank you. This is kind of a cliffhanger for me too. I have no idea where this story might be headed, but it seems to be the beginning of something.

  5. Well now, you have me all ears and chin in my palms, but waiting for that next step. Well done.