Saturday, April 25, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

It has been an interesting adventure preparing this post. After reading the TToT post of our host, Kristi of Thankful Me yesterday, I decided to go back in time by searching through my journals for entries on April 24. The only problem is that I often write once a week instead of daily and do kind of a recap. But never matter, I got totally lost in time, in memories, and didn't get my post written yesterday. I will link to Ten Things of Thankful today instead.

1. The smell of lilacs

2. Folk songs such as Green Grow the Lilacs sung by The Chad Mitchell Trio in 1963

3. I am glad I missed stepping into this hole on the way to take a photo of another apple tree in bloom.

Entrance to a ground squirrel dwelling

Apple tree blossoms
4. Discovery of the week
Painter's tape is great for marking the seam allowance on my sewing machine and is so much better than using masking tape which may leave a sticky residue.

5. Poetry by John Donne
The Sunday after the twin towers fell September 11, 2001 I gave a talk in my church. (The assignments are usually given a couple of weeks in advance, but this isn't always the case.) When I was perusing my journals this week, I found a copy of the talk I gave. This quotation by John Donne was one that I included in that talk, and seems just as pertinent today.

6. Parable from my life written in my journal
This is what happened in a nutshell. One night when I returned home from grocery shopping, I entered the house the same way I normally did, and with bags of groceries in my arms, and not having a free hand to turn on the light, I plowed into a CLOSED glass sliding door! Normally the door would have been in the open position, but my husband didn't want our energetic dog to run to greet me and throw me off balance. My husband didn't hear me enter the house, so he wasn't there to open the sliding door. I ended up with some bruising on my face from the face plant. The lessons I learned follows. (The beginning word on the second line is change. When I did the scanning, I should have selected a slightly bigger area.)

7. Another parable from my life as recorded in my journal


8. Within the pages of one of  my journals I found a poem I wrote years ago. It seems just as applicable today as it did almost 30 years ago.

9. My journals sometimes just contain reminders to myself of things I think would be good to do. I still think this has merit. I just need to be better about actually doing this. 😏

10. Being able to go through some old photos and adding them into my Ancestry family tree and FamilySearch family tree so other family members can see these photos too

11. Vic and all his help this week!
There were four days in a row that I experienced a lot of back pain making it very difficult to do the normal things I would do. He really pitched in. The fifth day, the pain just disappeared overnight. Yes, I am very, very thankful!

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  1. One question: Yellow-lined pads? (or) bound page journals?
    lol, no, I'm serious... I totally believe in yellow-line pads and will search for as long as it takes to find a good quality supply.*
    There is an extra level of enjoyment from the copies of the scanned pages of the thoughts/words/Thankfuls that comprised your post.
    Analog becomes digital.
    have a good week.

    *alas, quality is the first sacrifice before that insidious god, 'Profit' The thing about cheap yellow-lined pads (not even gonna mention 20lb stock) is how they don't tear evenly.

    1. I wish I could say that all my journals over the years were the same type and size journals. They range all the way from composition books, to spiral notebooks, to bound journals with archive paper. Most of my journals have lined paper. Although we still have some of the legal sized yellow-lined paper pads in the house, I haven't used any for my journals.

  2. I was so hoping that you found a state-of-the-art video that somehow could transfer smell through the screen! I love the smell of lilacs!
    I'll have to look for the photos you posted to Ancestry and FamilySearch. Thank you!

    1. Who knows, maybe in the future there will be such a thing.🤔

  3. Wonderful writings and i am glad you didn't step in that hole, also. It would have been an even harder lesson than the glass door, i think.

    1. Thank you. From the size of that hole, I think an army of ground squirrels would pull me right in.

  4. I enjoyed your poem and journal entries. And your wonderful thankfuls.