Saturday, April 18, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

What kind of a mood are you in this weekend? I hope there is a little room for feeling thankful and if you are that you will join us at the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Kristi of Thankful Me. This has been an interesting week for me, so I am going to get started. There are flowers throughout the post just because it is spring, and I couldn't resist adding them.

1. Contacts from two distant cousins 
This week I received a phone call from a second cousin on my Dad’s side of the family and a message from second cousin once removed on my Mom’s side. This wasn’t my first time to discuss family history with them, but I enjoy these communications so much. Somehow it makes me feel that my parents are looking down on me and wanting me to have these ongoing family communications. 

Apple blossoms

2. Group family texts and Zoom conferences

3. Patterns and Youtube demos of how to make items
I cut out fabric for two different styles of face masks this week and completed four of one style today, except for putting in the filters. Hopefully the filter material will arrive by the end of the month or sooner. After completing the masks today, I decided I probably should have considered making the pattern a little smaller for me, but oh well, I’ll be sufficiently covered. HaHa! The other pattern actually comes in two different sizes. I’ll be making three of the larger size and three of the smaller size. After putting on the masks I just completed, I think a lighter gauge of galvanized wire will make the upcoming masks slightly more comfortable. Note: Galvanized wire doesn’t rust after  repeated washings of the masks.

4. Doctors that can quickly determine what tests need to be done to make a diagnosis

I think this may be a flowering plum tree.

5. Emergency rooms
Both a grandchild and a friend I’ve kept in touch with since high school had to go to the emergency room this week because they were both in pain. Fortunately they both were able to return home fairly quickly, but will need follow up appointments.


6. Fabric stash
There have been times when I bought fabric for some project I was going to do, but plans got waylaid. All I had to do was see what I had on hand to begin making some masks.


7. Rolls of paper towels that are perforated so you can tear off a half sheet or a full sheet, or however many you need

8. Home made antiseptic wipes
Thanks to having the perforated half sheets of paper towels I was able to make a batch of antiseptic wipes.  I know that I could have cut full sheets of paper towels in half, but I like the other way better.

Homemade antiseptic wipes in a large plastic
container (lid off just long enough to take
the photo)

9. Duct tape
The cover of one of my most used cookbooks ever finally fell apart. Several years ago I actually bought a newer edition of the same cookbook, but when I looked at the recipes, I realized it was missing some of my favorites, so I just kept using my original until it needed some TLC from a couple of hefty strips of duct tape. It has made it 56 years, so I am sure with duct tape, it will be good for a few more.

10. Vic’s photography skills
I love seeing his creative side being displayed through his use of Photoshop. This week he took an old photo of me and put photos of our kids in my hair and said he did it to represent how I always was thinking of them and then shared the photo with them. 😊

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  1. Some people hold to the theory that duct tape and WD-40 can solve most problems. Glad you can keep your cookbook together!
    Looking forward to a Zoom conference with you later today! :-)

    1. WD-40 would have presented more of a mess for this little job. 🤣

  2. I would love to see Vic's photoshop project...i am so grateful for people making face masks....have a great week!!!

    1. I think that little project was just shared on a private family group on FB. Just picture head shots of adult children positioned here and there in my hair.😀

  3. Great list. Very functional for the times. I ordered some masks to use after work because I do not sew. Still waiting.

    1. Thank you Carin. I do hope your mask order comes soon, so you can be safe after work as well as safe at work.

  4. Good TToT.
    For all of the time I spend out doors, I am totally illiterate when it comes to the species of the plants and flora and such...'cept for the big things, white pines, scrub pine, rhododenrae (sic)
    Good for your friends making it out of the ER quickly.
    Phyllis is quite skilled with the use of duct tape, had repaired some surprising things around the house.
    Have a good week.

    1. During the years of deciding what to plant and where, both Vic and I learned quite a bit about different varieties of plants. Now remembering all the names sometimes escapes me at times, but not completely, because of all the books we have, and then there is always Google to help.
      I think the D in duct tape stands for desperation when it comes to fixing something NOW!