Sunday, February 17, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

Perhaps posting 10 things one is thankful for each week may seem like much ado about nothing to some folks. After all, some items may seem to be minuscule to the eyes of some readers, but I assure you that what is shared on the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop each week is very personal to each writer. The whole idea of pondering one's experiences each week and how these things have impacted one's life can be a healing balm, or even bring a response of laughter in retrospect. Of course, being able to share these thoughts with others has a compounding effect for good!

Kristi of Thankful Me hosts the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop each week and does a splendid job of getting the link open each Friday morning at 1:00 am Mountain Time with the closing time being Tuesday at 11:55 pm Mountain Time. Click the link above and see what others are sharing. If you have a blog and feel so inclined, write your own list of 10, more or less, and link up. Hope to see you there.

"Date afternoon" with my husband to see the movie, Mary Poppins Returns
Let me explain. The most common expression is "date night," but we like going in the afternoon when the theaters are not as packed. We are also able to return home when it isn't too dark. 

One of the reasons I really wanted to see Mary Poppins Returns is because of THIS song that is sung in it, plus the film has received some Academy Award nominations. Just so you know, if you get leaky eyes when you hear some songs, take some extra tissues.

Lunch out - Steak, Jasmine rice, green beans
It has been nice to find at least one restaurant that serves food I am able to eat based on the diet the doctor has me following for a few months. This was the first part of our date afternoon.

I'm thankful that my body actually allowed me to use the treadmill one day this week. I'd prefer to walk outside, but I do not like walking in blustery rain. I'm kind of a wimp that way.

The nursing center has mom using a geri chair instead of a wheelchair now and it seems to provide her with more comfort. That makes me happy.

Reflecting on the past (What fascinated me as a child?)
My writing assignment for this past week for StoryWorth was "What fascinated me as a child?" It is interesting to me to discover so many things about myself as I respond to these weekly writing ventures. 

Old movies
Johnny Belinda, a 1948 film based on a 1940 play was being shown on one of the channels this past week. Because it had Jane Wyman in it, I decided to watch it, even though I'd be staying up later than normal. The play was based on an actual incident, and Jane Wyman received an academy award for Best Actress for her role as the deaf woman in the film.

The flowers that were delivered to mom this week

New glasses
Although I have had the new prescription for almost six months, I hadn't gone to the optical office to order my new glasses until two weeks ago. It has been a while since I've had new glasses, and I had forgotten about that initial reaction to depth perception those first few steps. I wear progressive trifocals. I was glad that it didn't take me long to adjust to how much closer the ground seemed.

My family 
This week I finished reading It’s All Relative by A.. J. Jacobs. The author wrote about his adventures of organizing the Global Family Reunion, held June 6, 2015. It was an interesting and humorous read. Tom Chapin was one of the many people who entertained at the reunion. I love his song, Family Tree.


  1. Didn't you just love watching Dick Van Dyke hop up and dance on the table in Mary Poppins Returns?