Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sunday's Whirligig 91 - Haiku

Each Sunday at midnight (Pacific Time) one can post a piece of writing on their own blog and then link it to Sunday's Whirligig.  The writing can be in any genre using as many of the cue words given, in any form as we wish.  This week the words come from "Christmas Away from Home" by Jane Kenyon:  sleeves, swish, streams, candles, city, cars, painted, passing, pines, wildest, white, water. I'm linking my haiku to Sunday's Whirligig 91.

Precious fluid

long pine needles freeze
in sleeves of ice then fresh snow
trees are painted white

deer tread quietly
ever alert for danger
they move stealthily

waiting for the cars
as they swish by on their way
drivers don't see them

only distant lights
like candles they mark the path
to their city homes

exiting the wild
beauty of nature that springs
streams of pure water

flowing on its course
the precious fluid provides
what is life saving

an earthly treasure
it weaves its way through the globe
within and above

leaving returning
its passing goes unnoticed
taken for granted

Nooksack River in Washington state


  1. That is the sad truth that we take the beauty of nature for granted and will only protest when it is too late.

    1. As man has needed to find properties where new homes or businesses can be constructed, many of the natural habitats for other creatures are often destroyed. Just in the area where I live I know that some of the birds that used to be quite common in this valley are rarely seen now. Plants that were frequently seen have diminished almost to the point of extinction because people learned too late how their existence affected the life cycles of other creatures. Even many so called weeds have a purpose.

  2. Just loved the read......the way the deer is portrayed..just beautiful...i could imagine it

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Pat

    1. Thanks, DeeDee. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. We get to watch deer frequently.