Saturday, December 17, 2016

Six Sentence Stories - Pine

One of us in our home grew up where there are a lot of tall ponderosa pine trees, and we even planted some on our property when we moved here.  Naturally my mind started stirring as I thought about what story I could write with a cue of pine.  There I sat thinking about our pine trees and staring at our ceiling, when the beginning of this story crossed through my mind.  I'm linking this post to Six Sentence Stories - Pine.  Click the link to see what others have written for the cue pine.

There is a pine tree on the left and a smaller one on the right.

The lodge near the beach had been reserved for them.  It was like a small log home, and it was all theirs for a few days before the fall term classes started up again.

It almost didn't feel real, to be there, just the two of them.  She had longed for him when he had been away working on the fire suppression crew during the summer, but now they were married and on their honeymoon.

He built a fire in the fireplace to take off the chill in the air.  Soon they were enjoying the glow the flames cast on the shiny knotty pine walls of the room, and the warmth they felt in their hearts for each other, never mind a little bit of smoke in the air.