Saturday, August 24, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

The last week and a half I was missing in action from blogging due to getting ready for a trip and then being on a trip, but I had  a thankful heart nevertheless. Kristi, of Thankful Me, who is the host of the blog hop Ten Things of Thankful, invited me to spend a week with her at BYU's Education Week. Thankfully things worked out for me to take her up on the offer and my husband kept things going while I was away. A big thanks to him! Not only is Kristi a great host of this blog hop, she is a great daughter and hostess! Be sure to click the link to read what others are sharing this week, and while you are at it, take a minute to reflect on what has brought you joy, or made you smile, or just made you feel glad to be alive. 

1. BYU Education Week
Although I attended a different university than Brigham Young University when I was young, and I didn't belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at that time, I am very grateful that as a middle-aged adult I began attending Education Weeks and have benefited from the instruction I receive each summer I attend. 

2. Musicals
One evening, after a busy day of attending Education Week classes, we attended a SCERA musical production of The Beauty and the Beast held on campus. It was fantastic, and I continue to be amazed by talents of youth and adults in the performing arts.

3. Shaved snow
While I have eaten snow cones, and shaved ice, I had never experienced shaved snow! This was not only delicious, but a feast for the eyes! 

Pina Colada shaved snow
4. Families that sing together, such as The Bonner Family, and who share their talents with others. 
Janice Kapp Perry, one of the presenters at Education Week, invited the Bonners to perform during her presentation. Their enthusiasm, talent, and testimony was a blessing to all in attendance.

5. The man on the airplane  who lifted my carry-on bag up into the overhead compartment for me.
I appreciated his help, and it did not go unnoticed by the flight attendant who was impressed that he performed the same act of service for two others who boarded after I did.

Fountains and flowers in front of one
 of the buildings on the BYU campus

A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles.
---Washington Irving (1783-1859)

6. Being in the right position to avoid a mishap
When I was walking down the ramp to board the airplane, a baggage handler was pushing a large cart loaded with baggage and was approaching behind me. All was well until I heard the tumbling of suitcases behind me. I was glad the cart wasn't any closer than it was, or I possible would have been struck off balance by one of the tumbling pieces of baggage.

7. Being able to see the humor of losing by a mile
Part of the fun of being with family is playing a few games. My daughter and her husband were neck in neck for having the fewest points, the object of this particular game. Then there was my score. LOL

Two players are almost tied to
win the game, but their two scores
added together was still quite a bit
less than my total losing score.
8. The beautiful scent of roses
My son-in-law worked hard a few months ago to prepare a place for Kristi to be able to have a rose garden. The roses they planted are now in bloom and the scent of Ebbtide is like perfume on a stem. 

A closeup of a magenta colored
Ebbtide rose blossom held by my
 thumb and index finger 
9. Those who worked hard to put out a fire burning over 6,000 acres in Utah a few days ago
The smell of smoke was in the air one morning and the blue sky was hazy from the smoke over the valley. I am thankful that the fire was contained and the sky was clear and blue again the morning I would be flying home.

Houses in the foreground, with
Utah Lake and mountain range
in the background and a beautiful
blue sky above

10. Sunflowers
I loved seeing all the sunflowers in bloom in Utah. (In our area, those from out-of-state have often remarked about the beautiful Scotch broom plants in bloom, not knowing that they are an invasive plant here.) As far as I know at least sunflowers are not invasive plants and the birds seem to love them.

A wild sunflower in bloom with a
yellow blossom a little broader than
the span of an adult hand

Besides myself, Clark, Dyanne and Lisa are co-hosts. 

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  1. What a wonderful week! By the way, the link shared on the blog hop was for February, but I was able to search for the current one.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I must have been jet lagged. I have no idea how I managed to mess that up.

  2. We used some of the same photos! I wondered how similar our posts would be.
    (I fixed the link for your post.)

    1. I will have to go take a look. Thanks for taking care of my mishap.

  3. A lovely, happy week, i'm so glad you got to go and that you enjoyed it so much!

    1. Thanks, Mimi. I'm glad that I got to go too.

  4. Sunflowers! They seem to be a theme this week! Full Disclosure: the photo Phyllis took of the field of triffids...err sunflowers is from somewhere along her route from work. We have had no luck getting them to grow here... lack of proper soil, sun nothing major.
    Have a good week.

    1. A sunflower themed week! I love it.

      It is going to be hard to beat last week, but I'll try. :-)

  5. Perfume on a stem is much better than smoke in the air. And I'm really glad you weren't taken out/down by a bunch of luggage.

    I think it's so lovely that both you and your daughter participate in this TToT thing. I also love reading about the beautiful relationship your daughter and her husband have and that he makes her a rose garden.


    Hope you're well. I haven't been around as much, but Kristi kindly helps me add a post when I want to join in, even though there are issues with me accessing this whole linking up process.