Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

Due to circumstances beyond our control we were without internet access from midday last Tuesday until today. I am linking up the my list of thankfuls now. Hopefully Kristi of Thankful Me and host of the Ten Things of Thankful blog up still has the link open. 

1. Last Saturday I was finally able to meet and have breakfast with a shirttail relative* that I was amazed to learn lives only about 20 minutes driving time away from me. She contacted me several weeks ago through Ancestry.com. Until then I didn’t know that the husband of my 1c1r (first cousin once removed) had a brother. I have always been amazed by people who quickly grasp  relationships. I to this day, still need to look at a relationship chart which makes it so much easier to understand how I might relate to someone.
*In this case, the daughter of the brother of my dad’s 1st cousin’s husband

2. My brother, who lives out of state, was able to visit our mom at the nursing home last Sunday. He had arranged to be there at the same time my husband and I would be visiting her. In addition, one of my brother’s sons came and brought three of his sons along for the visit their great grandmother. I was happy that mom smiled a few times while they were there.

3. We don’t always make to the Empty Nesters’ lunch once a week, but we did get there this week. This time, it was just lunch with two other couples, but it was good to visit and catch up.

4. It was good to have the energy and flexibility needed to work outside with my husband trying to rid part of our property of tansy ragwort, and Scotch broom. A second thankful as we worked was having an unusually cooler August day.

5. I am thankful that we have a tractor that helps the above mentioned work easier and faster.

6. A friend brought us some fresh garden produce this week. I appreciated her kindness and her taking a few minutes to visit when she came.

7. I am thankful for having a robot in the house! This one is making life a little easier as it just loves picking up dust on the carpet and floor. (Thanks, Kristi!)

8. Air conditioning on hot days!

9. The movie, The Art of Racing in the Rain, even if it did make me shed tears.

10. Our family

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  1. The Scotch broom is back? I suppose after nearly 40 years it might be. We sure pulled a lot of that! Maybe it's time for another goat? Better yet, do alpacas eat Scotch broom? :-)

    Air conditioning? WOW!

    1. The Scotch broom continues to make its appearance, but we take care of it before it gets gigantic. Apparently alpacas like Scotch broom, but it is high in nitrogen and isn't good for the alpacas.

      The heat pump heats when it is cold weather and cools when it is hot. We are enjoying the air conditioning on these hot days.

  2. I read the book about Enzo and can't wait to see the movie. I loved that story so much!

    1. I definitely recommend seeing the movie too, although sometimes having read the book spoils the enjoyment of watching the movie.