Thursday, August 15, 2019

Six Sentence Stories - Code

Due to Internet problems last week, I missed participating in the SSS. The prompt this week is a timely one for me, so a story was ready and waiting to be written. Thanks to our host, Denise of Girlie on the Edge's Blog, I have a place to link to Six Sentence Stories - Code


Although with the assistance of glasses and sometimes a magnifying glass she didn’t miss much, there were times when what was obvious to others didn’t register at all in her mind.

When those moments came, books, manuals, YouTube, the experience of others, and Google awaited her determined approach.

The gift was exciting and the first of its kind in her home and came with a very simple instruction manual which included the mention of an app to access more features and of course the one she wanted.

Having used a number of different apps, she figured this would be easy as pie, unless of course it was one of those fancy latticed topped pies.

Little did she know that her question wasn’t listed in the FAQ, but was to be found in the minuscule dots at the top of the screen that were just waiting to be noticed and were so much more than just embellishment.

The dots seemed to be a piece of ancient code leading to greater knowledge, like how to operate in maximum power.


  1. "..she figured this would be easy as pie, unless of course it was one of those fancy latticed topped pies." (but don't we prefer the lattice top pies anyway? :) )

    Technology. Vexing at times as we almost always expect something a bit more complex than it turns out to be. Having said that, lol, my own experience has been that "instructions" for use invariably leaves out some of those "simple", obvious things like the dots!
    I hope she is enjoying her gift.

  2. PS Glad your internet is back. We missed you last week :)

  3. yeah... good thing they like to hide information out, 'in the open'.
    some bored computer geek I guess thought it might be fun to be able to say, 'But it was all there on the page!'

    1. Those guys and gals no doubt had a good laugh with those dots.

  4. LOL. Glad you figured it out! (I honestly think the company needs to come out with an easier-to-use model, because they are missing out on a huge market that could benefit from the product--if only they could figure it out!)

  5. "We are stuck with technology when what we really want is stuff that works." ~ Douglas Adams

  6. They need an app to actually make pie! Nice six!

  7. I for one would be scared to death to click on them fearing the worst! Excellent take on the six this week..