Friday, January 4, 2019

Ten Things of Thankful

After almost a month long absence from blogging, I am back. Although not all has been fun and games due to some physical challenges during that time, the last couple of weeks has brought me a lot of joy and happiness including some fun and games. I will share some of these happy moments in this post that I will be linking to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Kristi Brierley of Thankful Me. I am looking forward to reading the posts by other bloggers who will be linking up and you will be able to read their posts too if you click the link. You will be able to find their posts either before or after mine at the bottom of the page here

Faith, prayers, kindnesses, and help given through words and actions by my family and others during these past few weeks
(There were times when physical pains kept me from being as active as I normally would have been. A friend substituted by playing the piano for me at church. Several people brought Christmas goodies. People called to check on me. During a week that was particularly difficult, another very busy person made time one day to visit my Mom who lives in a nursing home in another town. Some young people from church came caroling and brought treats one evening when it had been a particularly difficult day for me. People listened when I needed to talk. My husband was such a wonderful help to me during this time. Although I wasn't visited by the Savior, I certainly felt His love and concern through these caring people.)

Family time to spend with one of our daughters and her family at our home leading up to Christmas, time to spend with all our children and most of our grandchildren for a few days after Christmas at a beach house, and time to spend with another daughter and her family for a a couple of days at our home prior to New Year's Day
(They all have very busy lives and I know that they sacrificed to make this reunion happen. Our son and his family had spent time with us at Thanksgiving at our house.)

A little of the beach driftwood made its
 way into this peaceful place to rest.

Sibling walk and talk on the beach

Manageable pain during the time the family was visiting, thanks to a medicine that gave me some relief and thanks to the help of the family in preparing meals and doing cleanup, so I wouldn't overdo

Safe travels for all of them, even though before and after the reunion there were days that included wind storms, snow storms and closed highways

Some sunny days in between the rainy days, both at our residence and when we were at the beach

Managing to stay upright when a sneaker wave caught me unawares when I was facing away from the waves and trying to take a photo of a shell on the sand
(The water until that moment had been rolling up on the shore a long ways from where I was standing. I had even mentioned previously on our trip about the warnings that had been given by news broadcasters regarding the need to never turn one’s back on the ocean because of the sneaker waves. Fortunately I just ended up with very wet sandy shoes and wet pants from my ankles to half way to my knees. Next time I will heed my own cautionary remarks.)

Walking on the paths and walking bridges at a local park on New Year’s Day
(This had been something that I had wanted to do for some time, and I enjoyed doing this with one of my daughters and her family.)

A railroad trestle
that has been converted
to a walkway
so citizens can walk to the
riverfront parks on both sides of
the river

Mom’s 102nd birthday
(It is still hard to believe that my mother has lived to this ripe old age and that we are still able to see a spark of determination and a glimmer of joy on rare occasions in spite of the affect Alzheimer's has had on her. 

Still looking beautiful at 102!

Playing board games with my children and grandchildren
(Although they all know how much I love playing Scrabble and even humored me by playing more than just a few games, the only fun, make that funny, thing about these particular games were the letters I was drawing, more than just a few times. I joined them in playing some other games too, although the games requiring strategy or recalling information I most likely never had firmly planted in my mind are a lot more challenging for me.)

I started the game with a three
letter word, and it just didn't
get much better from there.

Getting a new roof on our home and for a lapse in what was supposed to be a solid week of rain which would have caused the project to be delayed
(Rain and wind are forecast for tonight and tomorrow with the possibility of trees down which usually means a power outage here and there. It looks like our new roof will be tested.)

Hopefully this shoreline will buffer some
of the winds due to arrive. My thoughts
are still remembering the wonderful time
we had with our family at the beach.


  1. I haven't written my TToT post yet, but no doubt it will include many of the same things yours does. What a great vacation! :-)

  2. hah! sneaker waves... (One might argue that you were victim of a rogue wave... no, seriously, just a matter of scale).
    (I love the surprise my physical body telegraphs when something like you describe happens... like, where did it think we were?)
    New roofs are good thing.
    Living to 102 is an amazing thing.

    1. I just talked to someone today who has a grandfather who turned 103 this past summer! It seems as though more people are living longer, and while some remain in fairly good health in their later years, not all are as fortunate. Since we weren't meant to live forever on this earth, it only makes sense that we are going to die from something. Being stupid at the beach by turning my back to the ocean, what was I thinking?

      A "rogue wave." I like that. Do they even have such things as "sneaker waves" on your side of the country, or are they called rogue waves or something else?

  3. Welcome back and Happy 2019 Pat.


    I am sorry to hear you had that pain, but what wonderful times spent with family over the holidays.

    Yes, lesson for life, never turn your back on the ocean, not until you're well away. We're lucky we don't have giant waves here like in some parts of the world, but it can happen in an instant.

    It's amazing to think of anyone living passed 100 but challenges do come with that for the person and their loved ones. Hoping for easier times for you and your family and all the best in 2019.

    1. Thanks, Kerry.

      The sneaker waves are still making their appearances on the coast, but I am a long ways aways from them now.

      It is those "sneaker life events" that can tend to throw one's life out of balance. One must be prepared for them as well. Thankfully one can usually find someone who has been through something similar and can offer good advice, or at the very least be an active listener.