Friday, January 25, 2019

Finish the Sentence Friday - Passageways

For this week's FTSF blog hop hosted by Kristi Campbell of Finding Ninee, and co-hosted by Mardra Sikora of and we are invited to use Tim Wright's "Passageway" photo, or one of our own. I am choosing to use Tim's photo and several of my own to share a few thoughts for Finish the Sentence Friday - Passageways. By clicking the links to Kristi's site or Mardra's site you will be able to click the links to see what others are sharing about passageways.

"Passageway" by Tim Wright

Some passageways for all intents and purposes appear to be a straight shot to success and happiness, but one never knows what lies ahead.

Railroad tracks

Other passageways may be filled with undercurrents  strong enough to drag you down with them.

Sneaker waves in the making

One never knows when there is a skunk waiting for you in a dark passageway. Let your light shine and be prepared.

Dark culvert

There are daunting downhill passageways that for a while are rough to trod, but eventually even out.

Bryce Canyon National Park arch

Passageways may give the appearance of being tougher than they are. Look carefully.

Deceiving pond reflections

What comes to your mind when you think of passageways? If you are a blogger, you are invited to join us and share your thoughts. 


  1. I love the pathway you took us along with these photos and your thougths!

  2. I scheduled mine before I left for vacation and think I did the wrong prompt. All good, though! It still kinda works. One of your paragraphs reminded me of when I was in my car parked next to a wall and could only get out the left side. Under the car on that side were two skunks mating. I was so stuck!

    1. Your post definitely still works!

      Oh my goodness. You were indeed stuck. I once had to go visit a neighbor for a while, because there was a big skunk near the entry I needed to use. I couldn't call my husband inside, because I didn't want him to get sprayed should he open the door. I had a nice visit with my neighbor. :-)

  3. I love the photos you shared for the different passageways - and never knowing what may be on the other side. Bryce Canyon National Park arch reminds me that I'm so looking forward to taking my husband and son to Utah to see all the glorious red rocks and formations. Beautiful! Where's the photo taken with the "sneaker waves?" Great term by the way. :)

    1. Glad you liked the photos and comments. I think you and your family will love seeing all the formations in the Utah parks. They truly are amazing!

      The photo was taken at Rockaway Beach in Oregon. "Sneaker waves" is a very commonly used phrase here to describe these waves which can be so deceptive. Locals as well as visitors from other areas have been seriously injured and even died from being swept away by them. That being said, I love the beach and love seeing and hearing the waves rolling toward shore.