Friday, March 9, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

Thankful and happy are words that come to mind after a week of spending time with one of our daughters and her family. However, with getting home on the cutoff day for the last TTOT post, I decided to just get an early post in for this next Ten Things of Thankful blog hop over at the Josie Two Shoes' site.  

In case you haven't discovered this yet, learning to recognize the good things in your life and in the lives of others and expressing gratitude for them brings a sense of joy in your life. So what if life seems a little gloomy at times, just look for one thing that is something unique and good in your life, or perhaps a gorgeous sunset you saw one evening, or a baby's smile, etc. Although this blog hop is titled Ten Things of Thankful, there are times when bloggers share more or less than ten, and that is just as acceptable. Read some of the posts by other bloggers at Josie Two Shoes' site and you will see how flexible this blog hop is. All are welcome at her site.

1. Snow seemed to frame my trip. A snowstorm arrived two days before leaving on my trip and two days before departing to return home. Fortunately, the roads were clear by the time I needed to get to the airports.

2. I had looked forward to visiting our daughter, but also had been anticipating attending the RootsTech Conference in Salt Lake City with her. What I had not in my wildest imagination supposed would happen was this, but everyone needs to experience a bit of fun and laughter from time to time. 

My daughter and I  standing in front of a Legacy Republic photo booth in the RootsTech Exhibit Hall. We could choose from some wild dress-up items.

3. Being able to see two movies I hadn't yet seen was a bonus. Seeing The Greatest Showman and Coco in the same week in my vacation.

4. On the day before I left, we went to the BYU Museum of Art and saw some of the works of M. C. Escher and some Tiffany lamps and other Tiffany works.

5. Both of our daughters had raved about Hruskas Kolaches in Provo in the past, and now I know why. I consumed some of their freshly baked offerings several mornings as we headed to the conference. Since returning home, I have discovered that near the temple I attend there is a similar bakery. I look forward to comparing kolaches sometime.

6. Being able to visit with our one of our granddaughters, and one of our grandsons and his wife was a plus. I knew that I would be seeing our granddaughter, but seeing one of our grandsons and his wife was unexpected. I was introduced to BYU Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears by said grandson. These were a real treat!

7. At the RootsTech Conference attendees were able to discover cousins who were there. Those who had signed on to their Family Tree App were able to find their cousins who had signed on to the Family Search Tree App. Meeting some of my cousins was almost as much fun and attending the classes. While in Provo, we went to see a friend who now lives there, and by using the app, discovered she is a distant cousin also. I can't wait to try this among friends here at home.

8. Even though there have been a couple of mishaps this week, they ended up not being as bad as at first seemed. My husband said part of one of his teeth broke off. He found out it was a crown that broke off and just needed to be reattached. This was ever so much less expensive that the alternative. One of the temples on my glasses broke off. Fortunately I'd taken my extra pair of glasses with me on the trip and I was able to get another similar looking temple for my glasses when I got home and it was free!

9. My daughter's dog, Drexel, reminds me so much of our deceased dog. I enjoyed how Drexel welcomed me into his world.

10. My husband let me rattle on telling him all about my adventures from the trip as we travelled home from the airport. He didn't even turn on the radio. He just listened and we talked. I missed him and it was good to be back home with him.

Thanks to all my blogging friends who link up each week to express gratitude!


  1. Such a happy collection of thankfuls you've brought to start our TToT collection off this week... awesome! We missed you last week, but I knew where you were, much enjoyed the Facebook photos of you two having fun at the conference. :-) I'm glad that the snow didn't affect your ability to get to and from the airport safely. It was so nice you got to spend the week with your daughter, I know she loved having you there too, and you got to see other family members as well!

    The Conference sounded really interesting, and it's amazing you were able to connect with so many cousins. How fun! You two looked so cute all dressed up, loved it! :-)

    Did you like The Greatest Showman? We really did, and it's rare that I say that of musicals. I liked the message behind the story. We haven't seen Coco. Is it good?

    I would love to see works by Tiffany... such beautiful stuff!

    Kolaches... definite yum! Chocolate covered cinnamon bears? Never would have thought of it, but I've yet to taste anything dipped in chocolate that wasn't wonderful! I enjoyed reading about the candy factory that makes them too, thanks for the link! It is not uncommon for Mexican fare to combine spices with chocolate, they go surprisingly well together.

    I am glad that the mishaps you and your husband experienced were minor and correctable without costing a fortune. Anything dental can count up quickly. You were so wise to take a second pair of glasses along! I am always fearful of something happening to my hearing aids because my hearing is truly limited without them.

    From what I've seen of Drexel's appearances on Kristi's blog, he appears to be such a sweetie that I'm sure he'd win over any heart! I'm glad he was happy you visited.

    Really awesome spouses listen to each other's stories about life and daily events. I feel sad when I see that not happening. I'm betting that yours truly enjoyed hearing all about your adventures of the week, and I know he missed you as much as you missed him.

    I hope the rest of this week has been quiet for you, I'm sure you were ready for rest! Have a great weekend coming up! XOXO

    1. I couldn't believe it when I saw that I was the first one to link up! That is a rare event for me.

      I did like The Greatest Showman, and especially the words to the songs. I remember going to see a B. T. Barnum circus once when I was a child. Coco is an animated film with a uplifting message also and seemed very apropos following our days of attending RootsTech.

      The last couple of years we have had some unexpected dental expenses and do not have dental insurance, so not having to incur yet another big expense is good.

      Hope you have a good week too.

  2. Wonderful list of thankfuls. I saw your daughter's post and she had a w0oonderful time with you too. I think it is so nice you got to meet a lot of relatives. Have a nice weekend!

    1. It was so fun to meet relatives, even though some were very distantly related, i.e. ninth cousins.

  3. I wondered what kind of a convention you guys were attending. I kept seeing tweets with recently discovered cousins. Those photos along with the wigs, tutu, and boa shot lead me to believe you had a great time!
    You are way more up to date on movies than I am. I finally saw La La Land a week ago!
    I am driving to my daughter's in NC next week. Thank you for reminding me to pack a second pair of glasses! You never know.

    1. Oh, I am really not up to date with seeing movies. I have not seen La La Land, and many others. I had wanted to see The Greatest Showman because of all the hype, plus I really enjoy musicals. I don't usually go see animated shows, but Coco's theme had a family history connection, not ours, but in general.
      Packing a second pair of glasses is worth it. My second pair is a cheaper pair, but works in a pinch.
      Hope you have an enjoyable trip and visit with your daughter.

  4. That sounds like a lovely visit and so much to enjoy. You've brightened my day!

  5. I enjoyed all the photos of you and Kristi on Facebook last week. What is better than having fun with your adult daughter? So much love, laughter and happiness. I didn't know what a kolache was until I clicked on your link. They look yummy. You managed to see two flicks in one week that I have wanted to see but as of yet, have not.

    1. The kolaches are so good, and they are made fresh each day.
      I thought I was the only one who had not seen those movies. Some of my younger friends have seen The Greatest Showman three and four times.

  6. I've also followed along on 'the Facebook' your trip and adventure. Number 4 sounds intriguing, have never seen Escher's work 'in person'.
    All in all sounds like quite the varied and interesting week! (I've actually been to Salt Lake City on a couple of trips, now a few years ago. Remains in my memory as a very nice city.)

    1. I could have easily spent a lot more time staring at Escher's works trying to discovering why what looked possible actually wasn't.
      I remember you mentioning your travels to SLC when you were working on one of your books. It seems that cities grow and change just like people. A town I once knew quite well in our area here has changed so much over the years that it is really difficult for me to remember how certain sections used to appear.

  7. Snow framing your time away.


    I did that same sort of thing with TToT last week. It's all good.