Thursday, March 22, 2018

Six Sentence Stories - Activate

It was difficult to steer my mind away from some of the headlines this week as I considered writing a post for the blog hop Six Sentence Stories - Activate. For some quick reads, click the link to see what other bloggers have shared this week.

What she saw as she peeked through the window wasn't exactly what she was expecting, so she decided to wait a few minutes before opening the door.

When she did, a blast of hot air hit her body, causing her to jump back and drop her potholder.

Her mother handed her another potholder so she could pull out her first "made from scratch" cake from the oven and place it on a rack to cool.

As the cake cooled she watched in horror as it seemed to settle back into itself and even change to a darker color in the center.

Whatever was supposed to activate the cake to rise didn't, and although the family attempted to enjoy their dessert, in the end all agreed she should carry it to the barn and give it to the hogs.

The fact that even the hogs wouldn't eat the very dense, gluey textured center of the cake didn't make her feel any better, nor make her want to stir up another sponge cake any time too soon.


  1. Oh boy I've made a couple of those in my day! Nice 6 Pat! Zoe

    1. We all have to begin sometime, and mistakes is part of learning and going forward. :-)

  2. (is that the same as angel food cake? some point in the distant past, I experimented with trying to learn the basics of cooking and such....)
    (love the "... blast of hot air".... not only can picture it, can feel it!
    way to put us in the story!

    1. Angel food cakes differ because they use egg whites, but not the yolks, and have no butter and usually use cake flour which is more refined.
      I think it is always good for guys to know the basics of cooking, probably just as it is important for women to be able to change a tire. I must admit I have never done the latter. I do know how to call AAA, and that would be the only option at this stage of life.
      Glad you enjoyed the "blast of hot air."

  3. This story made me smile even though it is sad for the baker in question :) It so reminds me of my first attempt to make fudge. Supposed to be easy, right? lol I thought I prepared everything correctly, put it in the freezer as instructed. Well, needless to say, it wasn't fudge. It was a very gooey substance akin to...the center of your cake in question :D
    Nicely done, Pat!

    1. She was able to laugh at this scenario fairly quickly. After all there are not too many cooks who haven't had a failure in their attempts at some point.
      One thing about fudge, no matter the consistency, I bet it still tasted good.